What causes migraines cures headache back of head

What causes migraines

Headaches and nausea

The causes and cures for headaches and nausea. to this day health experts and scientists still have yet to understand why a vast majority of people, 7 out of 10, suffer from both a headache and nausea. It tends to vary from person to person but the majority of people who suffer a common headache do not stuffer from nausea. what causes migraines In fact if you do only experience a headache with nausea, chances are you are suffering from a more severe headache known as a causes of migraines. People who suffer from migraines have there sensitivity’s enhanced ten fold and even the slightest bit of light can affect you and make you very sick. With a migraine sounds that would normally not bug you at all will drive you insane and cause you great pain and tension. what is a migraine The tension from this is generally what causes you to suffer from the severe nausea you experience and not exactly the headache itself. The worst part about a headache and nausea is they can strike at any time. headache back of head One moment you could be completely fine and the next you are wallowing over with pain clamping your eyes shut tight and hold a pillow over your head to drown every last bit if light and sound out.
What causes migraines

headache and nausea : what causes it?

When determining what is causing your specific type of migraine you have to look at some various factors throughout your life because they can be caused by anything. symptoms of a migraine Have you just recently started having this kind of headache and nausea or has it been a recurring thing for most of your life. cluster migraines If it is just a recently discovered problem then the first thing to look at is if you had made any major life style changes. One of the biggest causes of headaches is stress level. If you have recently undergone some major life changes and your stress is at a all time high then try changing how you go about daily life. Try and do some nice relaxing exercises for your mind to help sooth you and reduce that stress. Stressing about a problem only makes it worse and in this cause it can be causing you to suffer from intense migraines.
Another great cause of these types of headaches is a medication you might be taking. If you recently where given some type of medication that is dated to the time you started to have these headaches then you need to contact your doctor right away and talk to him/her about it. They can help you in fully realizing what it is that is causing you to suffer so much.

Headache and nausea : whats the cure?

what causes a migraine One good thing about headaches is they are easily beaten with over the counter drugs. In some cases though even with a strong pain killer they still not go away and even if they do they still-still come back another day to make you suffer, but there is hope yet. If you have taken into account that maybe it is a medication or you have had this kind of a headache and nausea for a long time, then it is highly suggested a doctors visit should be taken in your near future. A lot of people dread going to the doctor but this will not go away itself and wouldn’t you rather take a short trip to the doc then suffer from this pain? I know I would. Your doctor can prescribe various medications to help lessen and eventually get rid of these headaches all together sinus headache symptoms.
If you have decided it is based on stress and you have packed on a lot of stress lately then seeing a doctor can help but it has also been proven that if this is your main cause then seeing a therapist can easily help reduce the stress. I would go as so far as to saying anything relaxing will reduce your stress and get ride of your headaches. I used to have these types of headaches myself and I found that going to the spa or even just having a loved one massage me for a bit helped relax me and get ride of the migraines I had developed. If you can get someone to rub the temples of your head in nice slow motions and massage your neck. You will be amazed at how much this helps in reducing your headache and nausea.