How Can I Improve Ankle Pain?

How Can I Improve Ankle Pain

“How can I improve ankle pain?” This is one question I get asked daily from a large portion of my patients. The diagnosis they have is a severely injured or degenerative (worse) ankle. While a few are lucky and their ankle only needs a rest, many need to be on a rehab regimen for months or years. Many will end up with severe, even incapacitating, pain after surgery.

How Can I Improve Ankle Pain

So the first step in getting healed after surgery is to fix the damage. If you have severe degenerative, or injured ligaments you are going to be very disappointed with the results. The next step after fixing the ligament issues is to promote and heal the surrounding ligament systems. The ankle will heal first, then the surrounding structures will follow. This can be a lengthy and expensive process that has little to do with the healing process.

To understand how can I improve ankle pain, it is important to understand what ligaments are. These are the thickest and most long lasting ligaments in the body. They are found between the toes and also in the knee. The ankle joint actually utilizes most of the ligament system.

When injured or poor technique causes an injury, the ligaments can be injured and not heal properly. This can cause a lot of pain and also be a big challenge to rehabilitation. In the case of the ligament injuries that I talk about, if the injury is severe, it can be removed. This is a surgery that involves the doctor cutting and removing a ligament. They will use the patient’s body weight to help them rebuild the ligaments. This surgery is called arthroscopic ligament surgery.

How can I improve ankle pain by using pain killers? While I don’t want to discourage you from taking pain killers, they are just a temporary form of treatment for the swelling and pain that you may experience. You need to get the underlying problem resolved. For example, if you have torn ligaments, then you need to strengthen your ankle and avoid repetitive activities that may aggravate that situation.

As with any injuries, rest is the best treatment. This is especially true for ligament injuries because you can damage the ligaments even more if you keep doing activities that strain them. If you have ligament injuries, then you need to get plenty of rest so that they heal and you can move around without further pain. The key is to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Visit for more information.