What Causes Pain Under Right Rib Cage?

Pain Under Right Rib Cage

Pain Under Right Rib Cage Different pains and disorders are a part of everyone’s life. It is a very common fact that the body consists of a lot of different organs that each have essential roles in their functions. The rib cage is very important in the fact that it supports our abdomen. It is a vertical structure of bones that have 12 bones coming from each side of it. Just like with other areas, sometimes we get rib pain…and that is a real bother!

Pain Under Right Rib Cage

pain under right rib cage is a very shared disorder. Most of the time it is related to an injury of some sort that happened at some time in our life. However, there are very many other reasons for pain under right rib cage. Many of them are serious and have rib pain as just a minute symptom, but here we will talk about many of the different causes of pain under the right rib cage and we will also discuss different treatment options

Causes of pain under right rib cage?

Rib discomfort can happen on the right as well as the left side. The symptoms for both sides are typically very similar, although pain on the right has a couple more causes than pain on the left side of rib cage. Here are some of the causes of pain under your right rib cage:

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Inflamed Cartilage

First, one of the most typical issues under the right rib cage is the inflammation of the cartilage. The cartilage is normally sitting in-between the breastbone and the ribs. This pain involves much discomfort for the individual, however the spurts of pain only stay for sort times.

Injury to the ribs

Ribs are bony constructions and they are very easy to become fractured or hurt. Severe injuries caused by and accident that had openly jammed the rib cage can cause a significant amount pain under right rib cage, obviously. This condition is typically noticed with x-rays and a doctor’s help. Fracturing ribs is much more common among people than one may think. It often happens as result of trauma to the chest like a blunt shock, a car wreck, falling or even exchange during sports. Pain is the principal indicator, normally experienced with deep breaths. Turning or bending the upper body will likewise produce aching. Especially pressing down on the section of the ribs where the accident happened. Most of the time, breaks will rebuild by themselves given a time of numerous weeks, however it will involve pain prescriptions to make certain that you are able to take breaths entirely. Because continued short breaths can end in pneumonia, regular breathing arrangements are crucial.


One of the utmost publicly shared reasons for feeling pain under your ribs, costochondritis is to some extent known as a mystery. The cause is mysterious. Discomfort is found around the sternum, but also spreads to the shoulder and arm.


Something a variety of people DO NOT want to discuss, but we all suffer from it. Don’t worry, its not serious, just make sure you get yourself some gas relieving medicine like Gas X. It’ll be gone in a few hours!

Kidney stones are also responsible for creating pain under your ribs. It is first seen in the back, scattering to the front under the rib cage. Fluctuations in the urine will also complement the discomfort.
Treatments for pain like this include many different over the counter drugs like Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc. With a fracture, ice packs are best. Try heat as well. Heating pads are fairly inexpensive and can help majorly (especially with gas). If you have gas, try laying on your left side for an hour, then flipping to the right, this is known to help move the gas down the intestine, getting it away from your tight pressured rib cage!

There are so many reasons for pain under the ribs. Seeking immediate medical care could be the difference between life and death