Signs Of Uncontrolled Diabetes

Signs Of Uncontrolled Diabetes-min

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that develops when blood sugar levels in the body are higher than the normal range affecting overall insulin production. Without insulin, the glucose produced during digestion stays in the blood instead of entering the cells leading to excessive accumulation. If it continues without intervention the rise in levels impact one’s quality of life.

Uncontrolled diabetes is an alarming condition that requires right management of blood sugar levels, requiring diet and lifestyle changes. Similar to any other disease, your body indicates high levels of blood glucose in the body in different ways. It could affect everything, right from your mental health to various organs, including the kidneys, heart, eyes, and even your limbs. It is important to learn about these signs to prevent the risk of serious complications.

Signs Of Uncontrolled Diabetes-min

Early Signs & Symptoms of uncontrolled Diabetes

Often you might not get any signs when blood sugar levels begin to shoot up. In most people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, symptoms develop slowly and can take years to show. It is possible you may have type 2 diabetes but your negligence towards these early signs for a long time can result in major complications, says a Senior Diabetologist of AMRI Hospitals. As we know, these signs don’t appear immediately, regular testing is important for every individual.

However, if you experience the following signs then there are chances that your blood sugar might already be above 180 mg/mL causing damage to your body.

  •         Increased urination
  •         Unquenchable thirst
  •         Unexplained weight loss
  •         Constant Hunger, but no weight gain
  •         Extreme Fatigue
  •         Wounds take longer time to heal
  •         Frequent infections (especially yeast infections)
  •         Tingling or Numbness
  •         Blurred Vision
  •         Abnormal Skin disorder  (discoloration, blisters, infections)
  •         Change in Bowel Movement
  •         High Blood Pressure
  •         High cholesterol
  •         Fruity/Sweet Breath
  •         Kidney problems
  •         Heart diseases
  •         Circulation problems (Varicose veins, swelling in feet & ankles)
  •         Loss of hearing
  •         Gum & teeth Infections
  •         Sore or dry Mouth
  •         Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening condition that is usually noticed in rare cases of Type 1 diabetics but, it may also happen in people with type 2 diabetes. Symptoms such as nausea, trouble thinking, abdominal pain, and extreme fatigue appear suddenly (usually in 24 hours). One may notice increased thirst and urination along with the other signs. According to experts, DKA is commonly triggered when a person is sick, experiencing stress or on medications that change your body’s response to glucose levels. Immediate medical intervention is required to control such debilitating signs.


Your blood tests reveal the glucose levels in your body. If they are too high, your doctor will discuss methods to control it. With or without testing, signs of uncontrolled diabetes can start to appear all over your body, causing inflammation in the nervous system, heart health, kidney functioning and a lot more. Consult a doctor, if you notice any of the mentioned changes in your body, so you can take control of diabetes in time and lead a healthy life.