Is The Influenza Vaccine Safe?

Vaccine Safe

In December 2019, it was reported that a deadly virus has been discovered somewhere in China. It was first discovered in Wuhan state, leading to a shocking death. The virus was studied and it seems that it gives out symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath to anyone that is in contact with it. The virus was later known as Covid-19 and it also has high infectivity. Many people had feared the emergence of this newly-found virus. After a couple of months, it was then declared by the WHO (World Health Organization) that this virus is a pandemic. This is because it has infected millions of people worldwide and caused thousands of deaths since its emergence. The impact of this virus is so devastating and many people have lost their lives and jobs. The world is never the same anymore until we are given a hope of survival. Around January 2020, it is announced that the Covid-19 vaccination program might save humanity.

Vaccine Safe

         Since that day, vaccines have been the way to go for most of the countries in this world. However, Covid-19 vaccine is not fully tested yet, and this fact raises some concerns regarding its effectiveness. However, vaccine developers had calmed the water by stating that all the vaccines in this world react in the same manner, and the same applies to the Covid-19 vaccine. It is understood that the influenza vaccine is very similar to the Covid-19 vaccine in the way they react. If we want to know the effectiveness and practicality of Covid-19 vaccine, we must discover the safety of Influenza vaccine first. The question is, is the influenza vaccine safe to use?

         To know about their safety, we need to know where does they derives first. Most of the vaccines derive from a weakened virus or a genetically modified vaccine. This is an essential process because it can help the body to produce memory cells that are very important in fighting virus infection. Although it is deriving from a virus, we do not need to be worried because it was weakened beforehand, meaning that it will not give a bad effect once it is injected into our body apart from some minimal side effects. It is reported that some of the vaccinated person reported side effects such as pain at the injection side. Nausea, headache and also fatigue. However, noted that these side effects do not generally give some further complications.

         So, based on the data provided, it is safe to say that influenza vaccine is safe for use. Besides, it is also noted that it has a high effectivity. Influenza vaccine is said to have an effectivity of 50 to 60% against Influenza A virus while it has an effectivity of around 70 to 90% against Influenza B virus. That is actually pretty impressive. Besides, vaccines can always give better protection compared to those unvaccinated people. It can help to boost your immunity level towards certain viruses. Not just that, a vaccine can also minimize the effect of disease’s symptoms if you are infected. So, it is very logical to get yourself vaccinated if you intend to take care of your health. If the influenza virus is safe to use, then the same can be said about the Covid-19 virus. People do not need to worry about its side effects because so far it proves to be minimal. Besides, the pros did outweigh the cons in this case, so the winner is obviously the vaccine. Hence, what are you waiting for? Just go and quickly sign your name up for vaccination.