Is TransPRK Better Than LASIK?

Is TransPRK Better Than LASIK

We know LASIK surgery as the popular procedure which can make your dreams come true. By that, we are talking about using laser eye surgery to help you to regain unhindered, perfect vision without any visual aids – be it glasses or contact lenses.

But did you know that with advancements in medical technology, laser eye surgery does not have to be limited to just solely LASIK? You can, in fact, reap most of the benefits of LASIK minus the flap-related complications by going for a procedure called TransPRK. So now there’s a lot of questions regarding LASIK vs TransPRK. Read on and make your own judgement regarding this!

Is TransPRK Better Than LASIK

LASIK is associated with flap-related complications.

Majority of us would have heard about LASIK surgery – about the almost-instantaneous recovery aka the “WOW factor” and the cutting of the cornea flap in the process. Because of this reason, flap complications (e.g. flap wrinkles, flap infection, flap dislodgement, etc) as well as the risk of dry eyes syndrome can occasionally be observed post-LASIK surgery.

Now the crucial question stands: how do you enjoy the benefits of LASIK with zero risk of flap complications? This is where the flap-free TransPRK comes in.

Without having to cut a cornea flap, TransPRK almost seems like the better option!

I am fairly positive that most of us would feel squeamish and terrified, knowing that there will be surgical equipment that would be pressing on our eyeballs and when we find out that an incision is going to be made in our cornea!

With TransPRK, you can erase all of those worries from your mind. There will be no surgical devices that would be touching your eyeballs – just an eyelid clamp to help to keep the eyes open. And the best thing about TransPRK is that it does not cut the cornea at all. Vision correction can be performed without compromising on the cornea structure.

You’re basically saying bye to the various flap-related complications associated with LASIK. Doesn’t that sound nifty?

TransPRK vs LASIK: Which one should I go for?

Generally, you should opt for LASIK if you want to go back to work as soon as possible. Most LASIK patients will be able to regain 75% – 80% of their vision the very next day – an almost-instantaneous recovery. Whereas, TransPRK requires a longer downtime of 4 – 6 days.

However, if you want to minus the risk of flap-related complications and dry eyes, you should go ahead and go for the TransPRK eye surgery. Also, TransPRK tend to be capable of being able to correct up to higher degree of myopia as opposed to LASIK due to the absence of cut flap.

Needless to say, both LASIK and TransPRK can help you to reach your goal of 20/20 vision in the year 2020 (pun intended). Of course, it is entirely up to you to do your own through research on both procedures. An eye evaluation appointment would also be necessary to determine if you would be suitable for either of the procedure types.