Eye Hurts when I blink, causes and how to fix it

Eye Hurts causes

Eye Hurts When I Blink Does your eye hurt when you blink? does it have Continuous pain after you blink as well? Does it just seem irritated and that annoying little pain won’t go away? Well if so there are actually a few things that could be currently wrong with your eye
Eye Hurts causes

Eye Hurts when I blink – object in your eye:

  • First of all, you may have something jammed in your eye. If this is the cause gently extend your eyelid outwards with your thumb and index finger. Gently move your eyelid up and down while looking directly at the ground. If The pain seems to be coming from your lower section of your eye then tilt your head forward until you are bent over far enough so you can do the exact same thing and possibly remove the object from your eye.
  • If the first step didn’t work and you are still experiencing pain when you blink then try flushing your eye out with cool water. Gently splash some water on your face with your eyes open. do this again and again until you feel relief and the possible removal of the item from your eye.

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Eye hurts when I blink – scratched eye:

A great possibility if you have had no luck removing the object from your eye and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get what’s in there out, well it is very possible that you have possibly scratched your eyeball. Even though this may be very irritating and hurt there is not much that can be done to help sooth the pain. If this is possibly the case then the only solution is to wait for your eye to heal and try not to scratch it even further.

Eye hurts – infection:

Does your eye feel less like there is something in it and more like have just been punched right in the eye? Is the outer part surrounding your eye red and irritated? If this is the case then it is possible your eye is simply infected. Something like this needs a doctors visit and usually calls for a prescription of antibiotics. Its the only real way to get rid of the problem.

Other possible solutions:

If all else fails or the pain does not go away after a day then go see your eye doctor right away. Even if you know you scratched your eye and are just trying to wait out the pain the eye doctor can help relieve that pain by giving specialarrow eye drops to help do just that. If seeing your doctor is not possible then pain reliever drops can be purchasedarrow in various locations

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Remember something as serious as this needs to be looked at right away by a doctor as permanent damage may happen.