What Is Couple Therapy And How Does It Work?


The couple therapy is a clinical modality of care whose objective is to promote a better quality of life for the members of the couple and, consequently, in the marriage dynamics of the couple. The couple therapy seeks to contribute to the resolution of conflicts and opens space for a more reflexive and assertive communication, understanding the expectations of each one and what to do to align them.


The psychologist acts as a mediator between the couple, broadening the dialogue and listen views of both, who often find themselves under the influence of strong emotions, lose control and cannot make a decision and modify old patterns that do not bring more benefits to the relationship.

Couples therapy sessions may occur weekly and last between 50 minutes and one hour. The format of the meetings will be combined according to the need of each couple.

What if any partner does not want to participate in couple therapy?

It is common for one person in the relationship to want to do marriage therapy and the other does not. The most common arguments are:

  • The partner is uncomfortable with the idea of doing therapy and discussing intimate matters with a stranger (in this case, the psychologist);
  • The partner does not want to stay in the relationship anymore and therefore does not want to go to therapy. He does not want to pretend to seek an improvement in the relationship, since he does not really believe in the relationship anymore;
  • The partner does not want to work the relationship even if he / she understand that there are problems;
  • The partner feels that the other person is responsible for the problems of the relationship;
  • The partner does not believe that therapy can help.

As much as you like, you cannot force someone to do therapy. What can be done then? Better is to consult with couple therapy experts in Cary, Holly Springs & Fuquay Varina at https://www.wakecounseling.com/couples-counseling/.