Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy

Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy

When you want a baby, each cycle is filled with waiting! And we wonder every month if you have symptoms of pregnancy. What are they like? When will they appear? The guide of the first signs of pregnancy.
Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy: when did they appear?

“The first signs of pregnancy arrive in very different ways for women: for some, the first day of missed period, in others after 15 days or 3 weeks of delayed menstruation Sometimes there have been no symptoms. especially from the late period. Can you have early signs of pregnancy, well before the period is late? “before the late period, it is probably more psychological symptoms as women self-suggestion next “informs Dr. David Elia, gynecologist.

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How do the signs of pregnancy?

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy, it is, of course, the rules of late! “This is an early sign of pregnancy even though this is not always reliable because menstrual cycles may be irregular,” says Dr. Elia. Another sign of pregnancy is the change in the breast. “Breasts are rapidly increasing in volume in early pregnancy, become firmer, sensitive or painful to the sides” informs Dr. Elia. Another pregnancy symptom observed on the breasts, enlarged Montgomery tubercles, these small glands on the areola present in the form of lower elevations. These can be more curved than usual. Another sign of early pregnancy, unusual urge to pee. And of course, the traditional nausea that may occur earlier or later in women! Other symptoms may signal an early pregnancy: appetite increased or decreased attraction to certain foods, constipation, bloating or pain like going to menstruate. “A distaste for certain foods and tobacco can also be a sign of pregnancy,” says Dr. Amina Yamgnane, obstetrician-gynecologist. “Other symptoms can in early pregnancy, a kind of lassitude, sleepiness although this sign is rather its appearance at the end of the first month of pregnancy,” says Dr. Elia. In early pregnancy, you may also be irritable, nervous, more emotional than usual, feel that your body is “bloated,” have acne or difficulty sleeping (insomnia, night awakenings) …

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Are the signs of pregnancy reliable?

The answer will disappoint you! “The pregnancy symptoms are not specific so we can not rely on it,” says Dr. Elia. “You can have all the signs of pregnancy and not be pregnant as it may have no sign of pregnancy and yet be very pregnant,” he says. These early pregnancy symptoms can indeed be psychosomatic: sometimes you really want to be pregnant (or rather not to be) you create, without your knowledge, these symptoms. And yes ! Also, some women have premenstrual symptoms identical. “It is impossible to know whether these are symptoms of pregnancy or end rules” informs the gynecologist. Only a pregnancy test, urine or blood, will confirm your pregnancy. For confirmation to the gynecologist, you need to wait up to two weeks late period, that is to say, a month of pregnancy because the examination of the uterus vaginal may remain insufficient early and does not always confirm the increase in the volume of the uterus.