immediate signs of pregnancy and Symptoms of pregnancy

immediate signs of pregnancy

immediate signs of pregnancy Important: You can be pregnant without having symptoms of pregnancy! If you do not sign or symptom of pregnancy that does not have ruled that you may be pregnant.
You are very numerous and mostly people want to know what are the symptoms of pregnancy.

You are more than 40 000 people do this research on the Internet per month.

The attention these symptoms and signs alone do not constitute a real certainty of pregnancy, for more information consult a doctor.

Symptoms of pregnancy

The symptoms and signs of pregnancy can be perceived differently by women!
But some signs may announce a pregnancy that has just begun, these signs can be felt immediately. You can also have a hunch but every woman is different, you may have more or fewer signs or symptoms.

If you have any doubt, you can do a pregnancy test, these tests are on sale at the drugstore or on the Internet, this test can easily bring you a confirmation in your symptoms because the pregnancy hormone is easily detected in the urine or blood in the first days of missed period. But be careful they are not 100% reliable, you will eventually see a doctor.

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The best-known pregnancy symptom is the cessation of menstruation which is the first objective symptom of pregnancy. But watch many women have irregular periods with the pill, implant or other types of contraceptives. You may also be during a spontaneous stop of the rules without being pregnant. This pregnancy symptom remains unreliable. Excess saliva can be a symptom of it especially for women who are pregnant for the first time.
immediate signs of pregnancy

A rare symptom of pregnancy is having a metallic taste in the mouth, iron taste in the mouth. Here is a well-known pregnancy symptom, if your breasts are a little painful and on the sides. swollen breasts, harder and bigger. Nausea often occurs in the morning and they are sometimes quite unpleasant because they are present throughout the day. Or even a feeling of dizziness, nausea stronger or weaker.

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Here are also other symptoms for a pregnant woman, if you feel the bad awakening, a little smeared or if your appetite varies strangely. You can also have mood changes, irritability or hypersensitive. You can be repelled by certain scents or some common foods.
The acne breakout may be part of the small inconveniences of pregnancy. The white discharge is a very common sign in a pregnancy.

The symptoms of pregnancy are many, some pregnant women easily feel these signs and others not.
You understood it is impossible to diagnose from symptoms alone for pregnancy. Today, the tests in urine (purchased in pharmacies) are of high reliability from day rule late. The symptoms of pregnancy are due mainly to the adaptation of the female body to hormonal changes including the presence in the blood of the pregnancy hormone.