Earliest Symptoms Of Pregnancy

earliest symptoms of pregnancy

For months, you are trying to make a baby and this time, you think that’s it, pregnancy is underway. But what are these warning symptoms of pregnancy?
What are these signs of pregnancy so characteristic of pregnancy?
Is a desire to strawberries, invariably announces a pregnancy?
earliest symptoms of pregnancy

Les 3 symptômes précoces de grosses

Since this question haunts you, “Am I pregnant? “You are listening lesser changes that might occur and come to confirm your intuition. Three main symptoms are usually thinking about pregnancy.

The delay and the lack of rules
If you “like clockwork,” the absence of rules will indicate that you are pregnant. However, for women whose cycles are irregular, missed period can be hard to notice …

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The swollen chest and sensitive
You feel that your breasts are harder, larger and painful to the touch. If you are truly pregnant, your breasts will continue to swell throughout your pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting
You feel daubed on waking and these may be nausea with vomiting. If mostly nausea disappears at the end of the first quarter, they may, unfortunately, continue very long. It will then find your miracle cure that will relieve your nausea.

Pregnancy symptoms in your face

You like seeing your 15 years … acne included!

Certain smells that you like before you yet seem unbearable: coffee, food, perfumes. The increase in estrogen causes are, it will take your troubles patiently …

You salivate a lot, especially for a first pregnancy.

Your taste and appetite are messed up. You may have trouble controlling your appetite and swallow everything that falls into your hands or you’ll be sick at the thought of having to eat.

You feel a taste of iron, metallic taste in the mouth.

Pregnancy symptoms in your sex

You have minor bleeding: When il’œuf attaches to the uterine wall (implantation), small brown bleeding may occur.
You have frequent urination: the uterus magnifying based on your bladder.
You have mucus and vaginal discharge is more important during pregnancy.
You are constipated. your intestine becomes lazy and uterus compresses your organs.

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Pregnancy symptoms in your belly

You have heartburn stomach. The muscle fibers of the stomach, intestine and uterus are relaxed because of hormones that invade the body. Then you feel heartburn and acid reflux.

You experience abdominal pain. These pains reminiscent you feel just before your period: pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

Early pregnancy: your stories

“I immediately knew that I was pregnant, I had a presentiment. ”
“In early pregnancy, I quickly lost weight,” or “My first pregnancy symptom is weight gain. ”
“I feel very tired. I have to take a nap while it never happens to me
usual. ”
“I have vertigo. ”
“I am hypersensitive, I cry for anything, I found myself having a tear in his eye watching an advertisement. ”
“I have mood swings, I’m irritable. “.
“I sleep badly ”
And if you do not experience any symptoms of pregnancy, it does not mean you are not pregnant. It is quite possible and normal!

Confirmation of pregnancy
All these symptoms of pregnancy are not evidence. To be certain of your pregnancy, you will need to do a pregnancy test, which will be complemented by a blood test.

The doctor will follow your pregnancy until your delivery will confirm the good news. Only the presence of the HCG hormone in urine or blood is an indication of 100% reliable pregnancy.