Pregnancy Tips to Make a Clever Baby


Having an intelligent baby with sound health is a dream for every parent. Let the world know you are giving birth to a genius. We are here to ensure you achieve this with some proven tips of making a clever baby. Your lifestyle during pregnancy is an important factor that that affects the development of your baby’s brain.

Let’s get started to create a super brain for your baby.



  1. Make reading books a regular habit

Your baby starts developing nerves pathways in the ear and neural system in the brain during the early third trimester. This is when your baby begins responding to the sound and voices. All the tones, voices, and sound your baby listens in the womb becomes the foundation for learning new sound and words after they are born. Your baby will show signs with a positive response to them who she listened during development especially 5 weeks pregnant.

  1. Stay Active – Exercise

Studies show that regular exercise during your pregnancy can advance a newborn’s brain activity. Your baby works out with you when you exercise. This increases oxygen level to the baby’s brain nourishing neurons and improving brain development. Your body secretes hormones during your workout that are good for your little one’s brain development.

  1. Get some sunshine

Vitamin D is essential when you are pregnant and there cannot be any better natural source of vitamin D then early morning sun. You can make a routine of enjoying the sun every day for around 20 minutes. It helps your baby to develop healthy and strong bones and heart.

  1. Gentle Rubbing

Let your baby feel your touch when you send some calming message with your gentle massage on your bump. You can use some oil and rub your palms gently so that your body feels better and your baby relaxes inside.

  1. Teach your baby, talk even when you are alone

Your little one can hear your from 16th week and it is important you pass some voice messages to them even when you are alone. They respond to the language that they have heard in the womb. And talking can be one way of making your baby learn his mother tongue before his birth.

  1. Balanced Diet

Your diet during your pregnancy determines your baby health and their overall development. You can vary your diet and make sure they contain omega 3 acid which is vital for the development of your baby’s brain. Choose your dinner wisely and include some leafy vegetables with iron that supplies oxygen to your baby’s brain cells.

  1. Listen music

Listening relaxing music relaxes the mind of both mother and the baby. You can make your baby more reactive and play with some good music during your pregnancy. Music helps to increase the hearing capability of your baby.

  1. Singing rhymes

Singing rhymes for your babies during your pregnancy can shape up your baby and prepare them for sound sleep.