What to Do with Toothache during Pregnancy

What to Do with Toothache during Pregnancy

Toothache is not a rare phenomenon during pregnancy. And even if you regularly visit the dentist, there is no absolute guarantee that during the period of carrying a child you will not have problems with your teeth. What to do if the pain still appeared, whether it is possible to treat teeth during pregnancy and how to remove acute pain before going to the dentist – this is in our article.

What to Do with Toothache during Pregnancy

Causes of frequent toothache in pregnant women

Despite the different standard of living and the nature of pregnancy, even absolutely healthy women in the position often complain of toothache and exacerbation of chronic diseases. This can be affected by a number of factors:

  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • changes in metabolic processes in the female body;
  • hormonal adjustment;
  • increased acidity of saliva as a result of toxicosis in the early stages.

When to go to the dentist?

You can avoid problems with your teeth during pregnancy if you do not neglect visits to the dentist. During this period, preventive examinations are especially important, so at least a couple of times during pregnancy, go to the doctor. Remember that caries in the early stages is not always expressed by pain symptoms. Running the same inflammation is always more difficult to treat than just occurred. If you feel an increased sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, then even more so contact a specialist, recommends UtoDent.com. During treatment, do not forget to warn the doctor about your situation.

About dental treatment during pregnancy

The statement that it is impossible to treat the teeth of pregnant women is nothing more than a myth. And a dangerous myth. If you feel pain while eating, make sure to make an appointment with your doctor. In pregnant women, caries progresses many times faster, and therefore after a week or two from a simple spot, pulpitis can develop. In the early stages of treatment, you can do without anesthesia and X-rays, which means that the risk of harm to the baby will be zero.

The ideal time for treatment is the second trimester

The most favorable time for dental treatment for pregnant women is the second trimester. During this period, as a rule, complex activities are planned, such as tooth extraction and prosthetics. You can fill your teeth at any time.

What painkillers are allowed during pregnancy?

Offering the best painkiller for toothaches to a pregnant woman, you need to take into account various factors. All modern anesthetics based on articaine and mepivacaine are allowed for pregnant women. You should only avoid those painkillers, which consists of adrenaline. It increases blood pressure, and therefore is not useful for the child. toothache during pregnancy

What about X-rays?

Despite the general ban on X-rays for pregnant women, you can still take pictures of your teeth. However, infrequently and with the use of specialized equipment and protection. During pregnancy, it is allowed to take 1-2 pictures of the teeth with the help of a computer radiovisiograph. The radiation from this device is so small that it can not harm the baby. In addition, during the procedure, a lead apron is placed on the tummy without fail. It provides additional protection against radiation.