Main Tips for Caring Chainsaws

With a fundamental knowledge about chainsaw and how to use it, you can eliminate or reduce rebound incidences or other unforeseen reactions. You can increase also the chainsaw’s life in addition to cutting accessories by following these tips.

Current adjustment

  • The tension of the chain should be correct, when working at ambient temperature, the chain will lean against the bottom of the saber and still be able to be pulled with the hand on it;
  • Adjust the chain only with the cordless chainsaw off;
  • Keep the chain always adjusted, as it tightens the motor and loosens the risk of detaching from the saber channel;
  • The chain tension must be visually checked during cutting and, if necessary, corrected.

Burst cutting

  • Hold the chain saw securely with your left thumb under the steering wheel;
  • Position with the left leg forward, supporting the chainsaw;
  • It is forbidden to place the left foot on the log to be cut;
  • During operation with a chainsaw, always be accompanied by another operator;
  • Cut the wood whenever possible from top to bottom;
  • Always look for a firm and secure position during work;
  • In situations where you need to operate the chain saw above your waist, increase your attention and care and work with the chainsaw in low rotation, holding it firmly.

Preventing backsliding

  • Hold the chainsaw firmly with both hands;
  • Do not work with your body too leaning forward and do not cut above shoulder height;
  • Take special care when the saber has to be placed in a cut already started;
  • Pay attention to the conditions of the wood and the forces that can close the slit of the cut and, with this, to secure the chain.
  • Do not use the saber tip to cut;
  • Only work with the chain correctly sharpened and tensioned.