The Key Benefits of Podiatry

The Key Benefits of Podiatry

The Key Benefits of Podiatry

The chiropody brings to those who take care of their feet in the right way. Let’s go to them:

Correct Nail Cutting

There is a correct way to cut your toenails to prevent their weakening and the development of ingrown nails in the future. A San Marcos podiatrist is trained to make the correct cut, so that your nail regenerates strengthened and without jamming.

Treatment of heel cracks

Treatment with a podiatrist does not only involve nail cutting. The podiatry professional will examine your entire foot in order to treat all the problems present and one of them are cracks in the heel. This problem is treated by thinning the calluses, applying plantar sandpaper and, finally, a moisturizing cream to soften the skin and regenerate it.

Fungus prevention between fingers (chilblains)

Avoid walking barefoot in public places, dry your feet well before putting on your shoes, keep your feet ventilated, let your shoes dry well after cleaning or rain, etc., it seems like grandma’s recipe, don’t you think? Podiatrists advise you to prevent chilblains with this same recipe and treat these mycoses with antifungal remedies, such as those used in nail mycoses.

Circulation activation

After Podological treatment, the client receives a foot massage to activate circulation. It can be made with moisturizing cream that helps to make the skin softer. Generally, a more therapeutic massage is required.

Feeling of Relief

Imagine yourself with an open fissure in the heel or with an ingrown toenail disturbing your daily walk and routine. The feeling of relief that the treatment of these two problems brings is fantastic and almost immediate, depending on the degree of complexity.

Improved aesthetics of the feet

In addition to treating foot health, podiatry improves the aesthetics of the feet, leaving your feet ready for any occasion and healthy, which is more important.