Symptoms of banana allergy

Symptoms of banana allergy

Symptoms of banana allergy usually develop immediately after eating the fruit. Physical effects may include mouth and gastrointestinal disorders, or may rapidly worsen an anaphylactic shock that can be fatal. Ignoring food allergies can worsen existing problems with asthma or eczema. Diagnosing allergies will help patients avoid inappropriate food and discomfort and the risk of allergic reactions. According to the Nemours Foundation, children with banana allergies can often outgrow them, while people who develop it as adults may have to avoid banana allergens for life.

Symptoms of banana allergy

The symptom of itching in the mouth area can affect the lips, tongue, and throat. Itching can spread to the eyes and skin. When discussing these problems with their physicians, patients should disclose other known allergies, which could aid in diagnosis. The US Asthma and Allergy Foundation reports that many patients with temporary allergic reactions to ragweed or contact with latex tend to be allergic to banana. The itching in the mouth may be more intense during the ragweed season when the sensitivity is higher.


The inflammation that causes the itching usually causes swelling in the same areas of the body. The symptoms of itching and swelling due to bananas in patients allergic to pollen can extend their health problems. Symptoms limited to the mouth are called oral allergy syndrome. A greater reaction can cause welts on the skin, creating a red rash or hives. A severe allergic reaction to bananas can lead to acute swelling in the eyes and face, causing pain and tenderness, making it difficult for patients to see.

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Respiratory symptoms

This inflammation can clog the airways when swelling reaches the throat, tongue, and breasts under the eyes. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that this condition can create difficulties in swallowing or breathing. These allergy symptoms can worsen to dangerous levels when combined with an adverse cardiovascular response.

Spontaneous concussions

Banana allergies are aggravated when the immune system mistakenly triggers a decrease in blood pressure. As respiratory problems restrict oxygen levels, anaphylaxis worsens to cause a concussion, reports the Nemours Foundation. Severe symptoms of allergies that require immediate medical attention include a weak or fast pulse, dizziness, and sudden loss of consciousness.

Abdominal pain

Banana allergies cause a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms that often start with nausea, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center diagnostics. Stomach pain and cramps may occur shortly after eating bananas, at the onset of digestion. In some people, however, allergic reactions to bananas cause vomiting or diarrhea almost immediately.