Banana Allergy Symptoms and Cures

banana allergy symptoms

Banana Allergy

Banana allergy symptoms there are many people who suffer from allergies of many different kinds. Ninety percent of food allergies are caused by milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, wheat and soy. The other 10% of food allergies can be caused by anything else. Food allergies are mostly caused due to an allergy to certain proteins. (banana allergy symptoms) For example- most of those who suffer from a nut allergy are usually not allergic to the actual food, but the proteins in them.
banana allergy symptoms
Like every other food allergy, a banana allergy symptom is also caused due to a protein- Chitinase . Chitinase causes bad reactions to the the immune system of the body. People who have a banana allergy may also be allergic to avocado because the protein chitinase is also present this fruit. Also, people who are allergic to latex can have allergic reactions to bananas and other foods (like kiwi fruit, chestnut, passion fruit, plum, strawberry and tomato) because they contain similar proteins. Latex itself derived from plant sap. It is estimated that about 1-6% of people have latex allergies, and about half of those people will have allergic reactions to latex-like proteins in foods. People who suffer from latex-fruit syndrome have a gastrointestinal reaction (cramping, vomit, and nausea.)

Allergic reaction to bananas Another type of banana allergy is a response to birch pollen. In this reaction, the mouth and throat may become itchy or inflamed up to 1 hour after eating a banana. If your eyes water when pollen comes out, don’t be startled if certain foods make your tongue itch. Up to 1/3 of people that suffer from allergies encounter cross reactions- Matter in certain foods that are the same chemically to airborne allergens, causing prickling, itchiness, and swelling of the mouth, tongue , and throat. Cooking cuts back on the reaction, but it is best to just avoid the allergens altogether banana causing constipation.

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Bananas are not a seasonal fruit and are sold in various places all year long. They are a very common household fruit. It is very rare for a person to have a banana allergy. banana causing gas Most people who claim to be allergic to bananas in actuality only have intolerance to the fruit. There are certain amines (type of organic molecule that is derived from ammonia) in bananas which can’t be digested by number of people who have a sensitive digestive system. The enzyme called diamine oxidase, which is used to digest these amines can be missing in some people. Their digestive systems are not able to break down the proteins in bananas and they have allergy like reactions that are confused a lot of times for the actual banana allergy.
Like almost all allergy treatments, the banana allergy is usually treated with anti histamines. Although it might be better if you just avoid contact with the allergen altogether. Though the symptoms of the banana allergy are not very severe, in a rare case someone may go through an anaphylactic shock. In a case like that, adrenalin injections are given. Banana allergies are very rare food allergies, but if you suffer from it, you must be sure to use caution so that you don’t ingest the fruit.