Yoga Teacher – 5 Tips to Start Your Own Yoga Class


Want to start a career as a yoga instructor, but don’t know how to get started? We will help you get organized to offer the best of this lifestyle to your students. Look!

  1. Take a course

Although the profession is not yet regulated in some regions, having yoga teach training certification makes a total difference! That’s because your students need to trust that you will teach them safely.

So, as much as you’ve been practicing for years, consider taking the course. In addition to the certificate, you will have other benefits such as new learning about teaching and public speaking – essential skills for those who want to teach.


  1. Live that lifestyle

Because it is one of the activities you love most, it is natural that it becomes your lifestyle. Even because the teachings of yoga go beyond physical exercises, but interfere with our thoughts and our spirit.

  1. Start encouraging people around you

Do you know those of your close friends who still don’t do yoga? Through contacting you and noticing how your life has changed and is much lighter, they will naturally be attracted by curiosity.

Take the opportunity to talk about, clarify doubts and, mainly, present the benefits. Who knows, they may not become your first students?


  1. Use social media to your advantage

Use your profiles to spread the word that you are now teaching. As much as you start with a few interested on different days of the week, you can gradually join other students and then start your own yoga class.

In your networks, take the opportunity to talk not only about classes, but also about related content, generating more curiosity and strengthening the interest of some.

  1. Have a differentiator

Think strategically and find something different that catches the eye of your potential audience. For example: how about teaching in a beautiful and pleasant environment?