6 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Dentist

cosmetic dentist Wheelers Hill

It’s important for patients to be prepared when they visit the dentist. Being informed can help you feel more confident, and it allows your doctor to give you the best, most informed dental advice.

Finding the right cosmetic dentist Wheelers Hill is essential to keeping teeth healthy and happy. To ensure that you get great care every time, make sure you ask these six questions before your first visit:

cosmetic dentist Wheelers Hill


  1. How long have you been practicing dentistry? 
  2. What is your philosophy of care? In other words, how do you approach dental treatments? How often will I need a teeth cleaning and check-ups? How long should I floss to keep my gums healthy?
  3. What is your view of dentistry in general and the field in particular?

Are there new technologies or methods that interest you? Do you participate in continuing education courses?

  1. How do I schedule an appointment with you, and how much notice do you require?
  2. What is your payment policy, and what is covered by insurance? 

What is the co-payment for a visit to your office? Do I need to make an appointment with a specialist before I see you, or would it be possible to arrange that after my initial visit?

  1. How do I reach you after hours if I have a dental emergency? Are there other dentists in the community who can provide emergency services after hours?

These questions should help give people an idea of what to expect during and after their visit. Having this knowledge well in advance can make it easier for patients to be proactive and make the most of the care they receive. These questions should help you find the right dentist Wheelers Hill, and get off on the right foot.