What causes elbow pain? Improve inner joint pain and know how to treat

elbow pain

elbow pain

Speaking of pain in the elbow, first of all, famous is caused by sports. The name tennis elbow or golf elbow is also often used, but what is the most major baseball elbow after all?

In both cases, it is the first time that the load is applied to the elbow by repeating an unreasonable posture and inflammation occurs. This is a common factor in other elbow arthritis, is not it?

If you look at this initial stage of inflammation briefly, it takes a long time to treat, so you need to be careful.

Let’s know the identity of the pain occurring on the elbow and how to improve it.

Sports elbow also happens in everyday life! Pain position and its symptoms

Let’s look at tennis elbow as an example. There are three patterns on the tennis elbow, but the most common are humerus lateral epicondylitis, which is caused by backhand stroke, and it is not unusual to call it tennis elbow specialized only for this symptom.

The humeral lateral epicondyle refers to the lateral side of the two elbows on the elbow of the humerus (upper arm bone). It is so-called tennis elbow that inflammation occurs in tendons and muscles connected here and it hurts.

elbow pain position

The painful part is the most extensive on the outer side of the elbow joint of the upper arm. And it seems that pain often sounds on the outside of the forearm.While it is mild, it only hurts when you move your wrist, but as you become severe it is always accompanied by pain, moving the wrist will increase your pain. Especially exercise twisting the wrist induces pain.

At rest, if you have a pain by trying to press a knob on the outside of the wrist joint of the upper arm with your fingers, the possibility comes out. Then it can judge to some extent with a simple test whether tennis elbow or not. There are 3 types, but one can introduce only two because it is difficult to distinguish from another disease.

Two tests to judge tennis elbow

Chair test (chair raising test)
Prepare a chair that can hold the upper part of the backrest. Even inside a pipe chair, there is something on the backrest cut instead of a handle, but even such a thing is OK.Grasp the elbow and grip the upper part of the backrest of the chair and lift the chair while not bending the elbow. In the case of a heavy chair, it is okay to apply force in the lifting direction without actually lifting it.

If pain seems to come out in this state, tennis elbow is suspected. As soon as pain occurs, please end the test.


Thomsen test
Thomsen testIt seems that this test can be done by one person alone, but one who got it by another person can check correctly.

With your elbow stretched, ask someone to hold your hand so that the wrist does not move, and put a force in the direction to wrap the wrist against it. Of course, you should not bend your elbow.

As with the chair test, if the pain seems to come out in this state, tennis elbow is suspected. Please exit the test as soon as the pain comes out.

Tennis elbow hurts even when using a keyboard or squeezing a towel

From the name tennis elbow, there is an image that is happening due to excessive use of muscles to move the elbow, but in reality, inflammation is occurring in the tendon of the muscles exercising wrists. So, for example, there is a possibility that even a person using a keyboard for a long time can also happen.

Tennis elbow also happens for those who do not play tennis. There are many people who repeatedly lift heavy objects or repeat the same work even if they are light work. Especially it can be seen by those who repeatedly use the wrist and forearm.

According to a certain statistic, among the people who visited at tennis elbow, there are data that the cause seems to be tennis was about 10%, the most frequent were 38% of heavy goods transportation. So it can be said that it is a malfunction that happens even in hard labor, light work or sports.

Tennis elbow may happen even if you do not use your arms too much

Humeral epicondylitis is a common symptom in the 30s to 50s. This is because menopause is also affected, is not it?

It is thought that this symptom may be caused by degeneration of extensor muscles and tendons that extend the hands and fingers connected to the outside of the elbow joint due to menopause or aging and degeneration.The person who was doing the task which burdened the elbow by work and housework repeatedly is that the attachment part with the bone weakens due to degeneration of muscle and tendon.

So when you remember mild pain, so as not to overload from usual, do not do any further work leads to prevention.

People who frequently use the keyboard for personal computer work should try to hit the correct position so that the wrist does not return. People who can float the wrists are fine as they are, but those who typing with their wrists downwards should use the wrist rest etc. to raise the position of the wrist.

I think that there are many people who undergo so-called electric therapy when learning the pain of the elbow in PC work etc, but since electric treatment is basically symptomatic therapy or muscle treatment, this symptom caused by nerve compression It seems that there is not much effect.

Tennis elbow can cope with me if mild

The most important thing is “local rest”. That means you do not use damaged places. This is common to all injuries and inflammation. As soon as you feel the pain, you may be cured in 1 or 2 days without doing anything else.

However, there are many cases that it often took days and weeks to endure the pain. If it hurts and I can not put up with it, please visit me. People who dislike going out to the doctor will see if they can handle themselves.

First of all, there is an item called tennis elbow band. You know well if you are playing tennis. Tennis This is a band that suppresses the occurrence of edema by compressing the place where the short radial carpi extensor muscle is wrapped around the top of the forearm and elbow joint just before the elbow.In many cases, stretchable materials and non-material are combined, free size buckles are folded back and fastened with velcro straps are well sold. It is 1,000 yen per piece, is not it?

It should not be wrapped strongly enough to stop blood flow, but it is best to stop with the force that reduces the pain when moving the hand.

Two stretches to improve tennis elbow

Furthermore, when you have time, let’s do a stretch by removing the band.

① Extend the hand of the painful person straight ahead and bend the wrist inward. Grab the entire fingertips of the hand bent with the opposite hand and slowly pull it towards you.Or,
tilt slightly to the opposite side of the arm to stretch the body sitting even in ② bed. Then straighten the elbow straight, bend the wrist inwards, bring the back of the hand to the bed, slowly wake the body.

improve tennis elbow

Either way is fine, so I feel stretched muscles and stretch to the extent that it does not hurt. Please never stretch your head and slowly extend it. Repeat this a couple of times, let’s go back to daily life by rolling the band again.

If you are going to use medicine together, it would be better to use a poultice such as Loxonin tape or Volt alone tape or a paint.

If severe pain seems to run trying to do this stretch, please stop immediately and visit.There may be an abnormality in other parts, or trouble may have occurred in bone or joint.

Also, we encourage you to see a doctor if you can not see improvement in this way. If it is getting worse too much, it would be better for you to treat in a direction to curative, including steroid injection and surgical response.

This type of tennis elbow is caused by tennis in many people with weak muscle strength and tennis beginners.It is said that backhand is because a load is heavy on one hand.

The inside of the elbow hurts is “golf elbow”

There is an image saying that golf player often suffers from golf elbow, but it is slightly different. Basically, it is easy for “bad golfers” to hang.

In addition, although this symptom is also seen in tennis elbow in a broad sense, this is rather veteran in many cases.

Golf elbow is inflammation occurring on the opposite side of tennis elbow

The golf elbow has an official name called humeral medial epicondylitis. Inflammation occurs in the tendons and muscles stuck on the inside of the elbow side of the humerus as you can see from the distant name.

humeral medial epicondylitis

This muscle is a muscle for bending the wrist inward, so it occurs when the load continues to take a large amount there. But as you can see, the muscles that move the wrist are much stronger and sturdier for inner bending.

So, the probability of occurrence more than tennis elbow caused by outer bending will be low. Also in tennis, it seems that there is also a golf elbow type tennis elbow (inner tennis elbow) for a veteran player who repeats intense strokes in the forehand.

Diagnosis is done symmetrically with tennis elbow

First of all, with the elbow on the upper arm, touch the inside of the inside, if there is a painful place to press, the possibility of golf elbow comes out.

However, because there are few cases in the accurate diagnosis method, research information on universities etc was not found. As a commonly done method, there is a method of doing a fist with the back of the hand down.

Let someone hold the fist from the palm side and try to bend your wrist. It seems that you can hold down yourself in this test. When the pain comes out inside the elbow, the doubt of the golf elbow becomes high.
symmetrically with tennis elbow

Furthermore, try twisting the fist inward from the same condition. Likewise, if the pain comes out inside the elbow with this, the doubt of the golf elbow becomes high.

Treatment is common with tennis elbow

Local rest is the first condition first. You mean that you do not try to twist the wrist.

Next, the tennis elbow band is effective here as well. Roll around the elbow joint of the forearm and press it so as to hold down the tendons and muscles at the tip of the painful part. Then, we will stop pain with NSAIDs analgesics, ie Loxonin or Voltaren.

Stretch is a movement to wrap the wrist, slowly stretching the muscles that bend the wrist slowly.

Basically, these preservation therapies are often better, but if you feel stretching causes a strong pain or if you do not improve at all even if you go about a week

Baseball elbow is rarely caused by causes other than baseball

To tennis elbow and golf elbow that is often caused by the load on the joints of the daily life, in baseball elbow of sports say that baseball, it may also be said that disease and symptoms specific to the large pitcher of the pitching motion Let’s see.

The cause and response will change for adults and children, but since a proper response is absolutely necessary, please pay sufficient attention to those who play baseball and their families.

Child baseball elbow is cartilage disorder sports disorder

Even if you say a child, there are individual differences as to how much age actually will be. However, you should think that it is a child completely up to the age of the high school student who may grow in height. In university students, it seems to be subtle.

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Baseball elbow of this age is often caused by injury to the cartilage at the end of the bone while growing.

Baseball elbow occurs when various forces are applied to each part of the arm. In the case of a child, the growth line of the bone in the lying part inside the elbow where the obstacle occurs in the golf elbow is disturbed.

It is also a symptom of baseball elbow that inflammation occurs in the cartilage of the humerus which hits the outside of the elbow. If left untreated, the cartilage will come off and become a free body (commonly known as a joint mouse) and may call a severe pain.

Others, fatigue fractures, and injuries to the ligaments, etc. are also there, so care must be taken too much to do too much training.

Adult baseball elbow is not uncommon for surgery to remove rats

Adult baseball elbow is damaged by ligaments and fascia, which often results in pain. Of course, fatigue fractures and inflammation of cartilage can not be overlooked.

Inflammation of the cartilage progresses and peels off, as it explained in the example of the child, it may become rounded to become a joint mouse. In this case, it will be taken out for surgery.

Whether it is an adult or a child, these sports obstacles are caused by “overuse”, so let’s pay attention to the amount of load. If you hurt your health by sports, you can not help saying that the horse is going to overturn.

Baseball elbow treatment is forbidden from pitching

As it is an obstruction that is caused by excessive pitching actions, local rest, namely pitching prohibition becomes the first priority.

If you do conservative therapy on that, if the inflammation subsides, you will do the related strength training etc in preference.

Of course, there are surgical interventions, but it seems that surgery will not be performed unless there is no difficulty in life other than unavoidable cases such as joint mice.

Some modern hospitals etc managed by Judo doctor’s teacher etc tie up with the orthopedic clinic and do some treatment under diagnostic imaging.I think that it is a good medical care that makes good use of both specialty fields.

Treatment for osteoarthritis is from compressing to surgery

Tennis elbow, golf elbow, baseball elbow and other sports elbows caused the disorder to proceed, trauma such as dislocation/bone fracture, and even overloaded labor such as heavy load carrying, cartilage in the elbow joint Osteoarthritis is deformed.

Since joints of the hand are weightless compared to knees and hip joints, it is said that osteoarthritis is less likely to occur.

On the other hand, loads are prone to be exerted by actions such as lifting exercise and heavy things compared to the shoulder and wrist, so it is considered to be a part where osteoarthritis is likely to occur compared to the wrist or shoulder.

Osteoarthritis of osteoarthritis is suspected if movement range is limited

The first symptom of osteoarthritis is elbow pain. And if the movement of the elbow is restricted in addition to the pain, the suspect of osteoarthritis deformity becomes dark. To be restricted is to say “I can not straighten” or “I can not bend”.

The elbow joint is a set of three joints. In the elbow part, the joints connect three bones of the humerus of the lower arm and the radius on the thumb side of the forearm and the ulna at the side of the little finger.

These three bones each combine two to form three joints, which are grouped together at the elbow joint. It is pretty complicated.


Because of this complex joint, there are many cartilage surfaces that make up the joint. There are various things that cause damage to this cartilage surface.

  • Sports
  • Hard labor
  • Trauma such as fracture
  • Wear due to overuse
  • Aging

Sadly, the phrase promised as aging comes out also here, but as there is a phenomenon that it decreases while using it, aging can cause all symptoms.

However, it is also common to any diseases that adverse effects due to aging are minimized if nutrition and exercise are appropriate.

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Since cartilage is made of protein, please perform daily stretching etc while paying attention not to cause protein shortage.

“Osteophyte” that causes bone itself to become deformed due to deformation

On the other side of the side where the cartilage wears out, deformation may occur due to the burden on the bone, and it may happen that the osteophyte is coming out. Osteophytes are things that should not exist in nature, so if you do, you will get caught and movement will be restricted.

Also, it becomes a free body broken bone spine progresses, you in it that caught ready to say that the joint does not move “locking”.

Since the elbow does not move in the locking state, life will be greatly disturbed, so you will get rid of the free body by surgery.

Treatment will be conducted at Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation

If the symptoms are light and there is little influence on daily life even if some inconvenience is felt, surgery etc will not be done. Surgery is recommended when the following daily activities can not be performed.

The treatment is first performed conservative treatment (a method not to operate). We prescribe testing instructions and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and teach hyperthermia, elbow stretching, muscle strengthening training as rehabilitation.

In cases where elbow joint deformity or instability is observed, we recommend wearing elbow joint orthosis as an orthodontic therapy. Depending on the case, injections such as analgesics, local anesthetics, steroids are attempted in the elbow joint.

In cases where such conservative treatment is not effective and the inconvenience is caused in daily living behavior (dining, dressing, washing the face, taking a hair, wiping the buttocks, etc.), surgical treatment is recommended Yes.

For surgical treatment, there are joint laparotomy, elbow arthroplasty, artificial elbow joint replacement, and so on.

In osteoarthritis, squeezing nerves may cause numbness of hands or a decrease in grip strength.If you feel difficulty in movement of the elbow, it is beyond the scope to heal it yourself, so we recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

Elbow canal syndrome occurs in nerve compression

Do you know the place called Funny Bone? It is that place where a strong numbness runs toward the little finger when you hit the inside of the elbow strongly.

When I feel numb around my little finger when I try to tap that place lightly, numbness runs on my little finger and ring finger is elbow pipe syndrome. The same nerve as when I bathe elbow and is numb is being squeezed for some reason and numbness is occurring.

When elbow duct syndrome deteriorates hand deforms

At the beginning of elbow duct syndrome, numbness appears from the little finger and ring finger to the pinky side of the palm, the little finger side of the wrist. It is not all, often around a part of that is numb.

As this symptom progresses, symptoms such as the muscles of the hand falling and the palms and shells becoming thin or the little finger and the ring finger being bent like a claw appears.This is a neurological symptom that occurs when the ulnar nerve calling for numbness is pressed at the elbow part in Funny Bone.

Although it is an aside, sometimes it says that this funny bone is written as “Honey Bone”, but it is a fairly dangerous mistake.Even in the English-speaking area, this part is called “funny bone” (funny bone).

Elbow canal syndrome also causes osteoarthritis

Elbow canal syndrome causes deformity inside the elbow due to various causes. It occurs by compressing the ulnar nerve. The main causes are as follows.

  • Elbow deformation due to aging (osteoarthritis of the elbow)
  • Baseball and judo etc. (including tennis elbow and golf elbow etc.)
  • Bone deformity due to fractures during childhood
  • Deformation of the ligament fixing the nerve
  • Compression due to tumor mass such as ganglion

Because it is caused by such a cause, sports elbows and injuries when young need to be cured firmly. Also, let’s prevent nutrition and exercise while deforming due to aging.

A ganglion is often a benign tumor filled with jelly-like substances, many of which can be done on the wrist. In this case, it is said that it occurs in the elbow joint and is pressing the nerve.

Especially if you do not squeeze nerves, you can leave it without problems, but if it is the cause of elbow duct syndrome it may be resected by surgery.

Conservative Therapy and Surgical Response

If symptoms are not so bad, you will often conservatively treat your elbow with your medicine by resting it. This elbow duct syndrome occurs not only by the ulnar nerve going through the elbow to the tip of the hand but also being stretched.

So, it is strictly prohibited to fix the elbow in a bent state, or to apply a load to the elbow, like pushing the cheek. People with such a habit should try to stop that habit including the meaning of prevention.

On the other hand, if the numbness of hands is severe or the cause is compression by ganglion or ligament, surgery to cut or separate is performed.

In addition, there is a case called surgery to move the nerve place when the nerve is pulled strongly, or to cut the bone if the bone is deformed.

In this way, if there is the pain in the elbow and numbness on the little-finger side of the hand, let’s decide the treatment method as soon as possible. The faster the earlier, the easier it will be to go with the treatment.

There are various causes for speaking elbow pain after all, but there are many cases where they are interlocked surprisingly.If you hurt your elbow for any reason, it is important to heal well until you recover completely, and you can regret later if you stop treatment halfway.

Speaking of pain in the joints, rheumatoid arthritis

The incidence of rheumatoid arthritis is overwhelmingly higher in women, and the rate is about 1 for males versus 9 females. Especially it is said that there are many onsets of the 30s to 50s.

Small joints such as fingers of the hands and feet are mainly inflamed, causing pain and swelling, but of course, it can happen to the elbow.

There is a possibility of rheumatoid arthritis if there is a pain when there is a push of a joint or there is the dull pain without pressing it.

Diagnose the severity of the symptoms with joint ultrasonography or J – HAQ and treat with anti – rheumatic drugs. As we can improve from a mild condition by discovering it early, it is important to positively expert to find rheumatoid arthritis.