The Advantages Of Single Speed Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Single speed mountain bike..a ride for fun or adventure. Those who are new with mountain bike ride, try this ride after enjoying all easy ride with gear options. At first, you will find it hard and tough than it will turn into a passion ride. You may have a question that why on earth to go for such hard ride as the bike has different gear options. Well, I will tell you the advantages of a single speed mountain bike. This benefits will help you to decide to select the perfect mountain bike for you.

Mountain Bike

Guide to start Riding Single speed:

Before knowing the advantage of single speed, at first, you have to know how to start the riding the single speed.

At first, you have to set up the bike as single speed bike. There is two method, one is temporary and the other one is permanent.

The temporary method is you have to forget that your bike has no gear. You can’t shift any gear no matter what happens. But your bike will not be as light as speed bike as it has full of gears.

If you own a derailleur gear bike and want to convert it, it will be hard. Better if you change it to a rigid frame. Try to start with rear gear, new chain, and chainring and to ensure the vital reliability.

To change your bike into a single speed mountain bike, you have to own a single speed renovation kit. In this, you will have spacer, gear and chain repairer.

Changing the bike is not same with every bike. But the basic change is same, like- removing drivetrain, installing chainring, replacing gear with spacers. While installing the gear you have to ensure that it is perfectly set on the front line of the chainring. Make the chain size short. Sometimes you may not need slack to connect the chain, but usually, you will need a chain tensioner to get rid of the slack.

The tricky part is selecting gear. It is difficult and to make the error is common. So while selecting the gear and if you are new then taking advice from an experienced single speed bike owner. It will help you to do the process smoothly. The best feature of a single speed bike is 2:1, 32T chainring and 16T rear gear.

A ride with single speed bike is more than training. With this ride, your leg strength gets increase and the heart rhythm will get a smooth flow. Your ride will be faster than any other geared bike. When you will be on this bike, you will know when to brake and when to control speed in a twisted single trail. This is an adventure like a ride and trusts me once you start it, you will also enjoy it.

Speed Mountain Bike

The advantage of the single speed mountain bike:

Yes, this bike has lots of advantage. Let’s check it.

  • Strong leg:

When can you claim that you have a strong leg? It is when you can lever up to the biggest and steep mountain with single speed bike without any problem.

When you are climbing, it is then when you can give a challenge. The steeper the mountain is, the harder the paddle gets. This is the time that you can give up or win.

While pushing yourself harder up to the hills, your leg muscle will go stronger and you will be a strong rider. By this, your hill climb will get easy and fast with any bike.

  • Effective pedaling:

You like to spin fast when you are not in uphill. Avoid using gear, this will help to train a smooth and effective pedal hit in the long run.

When you are climbing the hill, without using gear, keeping smooth steady pedal is the must. Use this technique on a geared bike, you will see a climbing hill with the bike is the easiest.

You can learn to spin with the bike easily as the bike has no chainline and derailleur. Your spinning will depend on single speed and rear wheel. There is no gear in between.

Single Speed Mountain Bike

  • Well, mountain biking:

While on biking you have to pedal continuously. When you are slowing down, pedal hard and speed up. Use your momentum to get extra effort.

With a single speed mountain bike, you can go in any corner or obstacle in any speed with ease. For this, your ride gets smooth and efficient.

  • Weight:

A single speed bike doesn’t have any extra gear like cable, derailleurs, cassette or any other things. For this, the bike is light and easy to ride.

  • Simple bike:

Without having any unwanted gear, this bike is just simple. You have to deal with brake and paddle. If you want to go fast, then you have to paddle fast. For the simple design, this bike is cheap and reliable also. There is no hassle to take care of this bike.

If you select to cycle a single-speed, there is a chance that you can’t go faster than your friend’s gear bike on any trail. But if you try with this bike for some time, then you will be faster than your mates that for sure.

A single speed mountain bike is mainly for trail and high climb. When you will ride with this bike, you will get an adventurous feeling and you will feel a new connection with the old trailer in a new way. Try a single speed bike ride after considering the advantage of a single speed mountain bike. You will enjoy your ride.