Really Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Really Early Signs Of Pregnancy

What are the really early signs of pregnancy?

that which has never typed that search in their browser raises his hand. The cool thing is that I have the answer to this question. The thing less cool is that you will not like it, my answer, but I’ll give it to you anyway: there are none.

Really Early Signs Of Pregnancy

What do you mean ?

Kwaah? They lied to me! I already see some bounce in their seats, ready to tell me 100 reasons why they have a pregnancy test 42 days before the expected date of menstruation, which also was positive and that it wants to tell all. I’m going to support my answer in the following.

I admit, I was not completely honest, there are many indications that may be predictive of early pregnancy. Except the one hand, it is not systematic, and secondly, if you’re typing on the Internet “What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? “Then you just start having unprotected sex in order to procreate, there are great chances that you make unfortunate part of this portion of the female population will then see all these” signs of pregnancy ” , if not invent (and far be it from me to cast the stone you, huh, … nobody’s perfect), to finally end up crying in the fetal position at the bottom of your sofa ‘when the pregnancy test that though you had paid 20 euros to make sure that the correct result, not that in fact you’re not pregnant.

And not just those famous signs are not mentioned, but if there is, it is generally not the same from one woman to another, or even from one pregnancy to another. (And yes, I agree with you, it is null and this is torture, but unfortunately it is like that.)

Typical examples: # 1 mine.

February 2009, my boyfriend and I decided that the condom is lame. The thing is that I have always found the pill, it sucks too. Our negative HIV test in hand, we decided then, as at the time of our grandparents, our stalling sex on my period and not in the way you imagine, you who are trying to have a child, our goal at the time being especially not fall on ovulation. Except that here, biology is not math: you are told that your ovulation is at such a moment of your cycle, but in fact, there is a margin of error that can be of the order of length of your cycle around …

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[OK, here we enter an intimate part of my life, a difficult time that I do not wish anyone and if I tell all in a light tone, it’s just because it’s the tone in which I ‘ started this articles, and others for that matter. But know that right now I smile a little tense. Finally, most of all, take a good note.]

To be brief, about 1 week before the expected date of my period, I feel my lower abdomen that weighs me and I eat loads of chocolate (although I do not like it really chocolate – booooouh!). Darling said that’s not possible, I think. The days pass and there it is, I really feel that my period arrives. Then in fact not, the feeling is there but nothing happens; sometimes I run to the bathroom thinking that there is a sudden drop torrential deep in my legs (and enjoy!) and then still nothing. The weekend after arrives, I always lower heavy belly, but this time, I feel swollen and I feel that my abs are mush as if I did well in control over the . As I begin to depress slightly, Marcio proposes to buy a pregnancy test, like that we stop asking questions eh, and normal life is resumed. The result of this test: a small line rose very pale but still pink.

[Oh, it was another discussion on the spot, that too. Marcio: “No but there is barely colored, the feature is certain is negative! “. If you ask yourself the question, a color line, regardless of intensity, where it’s supposed to tell you if it’s + or not, it is a +, congratulations (or not). ]

the rest of this story will be the subject of another article, perhaps, no doubt, but since the subject right now is the early signs of pregnancy, now it stops here.

Illustration by example # 2 mine.

December 2012, my lover, meanwhile become my husband, and I decree that we want a child. This time, we decided to do everything right: the visit to the gynecologist before IUD removal (! Which by the way, when you find the pill that sucks and condoms also proves a cool solution) etc. We leave the appointment and I must say that I feel almost pregnant already! Our previous experience and gynecological we suggest that all will go well and happen very quickly indeed (I speak of that gynecologist who told me to completely stop alcohol at the same time we begin our test and reserve a spot directly in maternity?).

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The first round goes on, and nothing! Huh um, bizarre, it was not really the plan. The second pass … and there is the drama. No, it is not normal that I’m not already pregnant, besides it must be a mistake and if not, it will not be like this any longer! I turn. In fact, I become a monster. I peel the net to note ALL the signs ALL women never pregnant ALL the time (which of us is not very complicated because you realize that you are not alone in being a psychopath symptoms of pregnancy and the weak reading on the subject, there are – what, who said, “forums”)?. And then, I scrutinize my condition to me, my little list in his hand, trying to stick to a max of things written above.

Except that, it does not work like that. And the end of each cycle just tell you how you’re put his finger in the eye, yet cruelly just remind you that. I have been slow to accept that yes, I am trying to get pregnant, but not, as I would not have missed a period decorated with a positive test pee, I would not pregnant. I’m not saying it’s easy. For us, the holidays helped, but every situation is different and it seems to me impossible to give a general council; it is up to each to find his way to take his troubles patiently.

I got you depressed? Then finish my story! Because I ended up getting pregnant. It was late July, seven months after the start of our trials. With a wonderful pregnancy after a wonderful baby. Getting back to the subject, how did I discover? It was one of those cycles, like the others, where all or nothing seemed to happen. But I had missed a period. And a positive pee test. And the question of my gynecologist few weeks, “So you feel pregnant? “Bah, not really, actually.