Overweight children James Adams inspirational story

Overweight children

We here at healthsynonyms.com generally only stick to informational needs and supply our own information to help our users solve their problems. We do not normally let others send us posts on health topics but we found this wonderful woman’s story to be very inspirational and very helpful. Her son has suffered greatly from being overweight most of his life and she had enough. Read her inspirational testimony on how she finally got her kid down to a healthy active lifestyle.

Overweight children
How my son finally lost his weight and gained new confidence

Hello, everyone, my name is Rachel Adams and I would like to share my story about my wonderful son and his struggle with weight and how he finally overcame it! ( I am so proud of him) I am not a professional writer but felt I needed to share this story with other parents so they too can see there is hope in helping there children beat being overweight and help boost there confidence. My son, healthy age of 15 now, has suffered being overweight since he was about 7 years old. I fear I was mostly to blame for this. We as parents do not want to admit our children being overweight is a huge problem and 90 percent of the time is caused by ourselves, but I will be one to stand up and say it was all my fault. I am responsible for my child and his health and he got in this condition because I was not able to motivate him enough to actually go outside and do something, rather than play on his game (which I should have taken away once it became a problem) . After finally admitting to myself my son did not need to be Overweight I got him help (not everything worked but I found something that did). I would like to start from the very beginning and tell you my son’s story on how he beat his weight problem.

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My son, Jason Adams, from the day he was born, was actually a pretty small child. He as a baby weighed no more then 6 pounds and was light as a feather to me when I held him in the hospital for the first time. Up until he was the right age of 7 my son was kinda a “stick” as you might say. He loved playing outside and was a very talkative young man and had many friends that would come over to play pretty much every day. As he hit the age of 7 going on 8 he had a drastic change in weight. He wanted to stay in more and play his games and watch tv, rather then go outside and play with his friends. He still had his friends coming over but would instead play on the Nintendo all day instead of play “cops and robbers” or ride on there bikes and play outside. It was at this time starting to lose that lean skinny look and gain a little bit of weight. I didn’t think much of it and never thought his weight could ever get out of hand.
As years went by my son had less and fewer friends and started to get heavier and heaver. By the age of 11 my son would come straight home from school go to his room, do his homework , then play games until it was time for bed. I saw nothing wrong with this but didn’t see the big picture of how my-my son’s life was affected by his weight until my son’s twelfth birthday. It was a week before my sons birthday and I was doing like any normal parent does and getting ready to call up his friends parents and set up a party for my son at our local arcade. Was at this time I realized I didn’t have any of my son’s friends numbers or addresses. I went into his room and started talking to him about his party and asking him if he could get his friends addresses. He just acted uninterested in a party and said he thinks he was too old for them. (typical kid answer that wants to be a grown up haha.) I of course as a parent told him that was nonsense and asked why he didn’t want a party. He looked up at me and with everything he had started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and his answer still has not left me. He said “I have no friends, mom! I am too scared to talk to anyone at school. I don’t want anyone coming to my party cause I’m fat… I don’t want them to make fun of me…”
My son had many friends actually but I had noticed he did start to turn shy out of nowhere. I found out my son had some little boys picking on him and making fun of his weight. Naturally, as a parent, I got really defensive and told my boy everything I could to cheer him up. Everything from “it’s ok to be overweight there just bully’s. There jealous of you” to “you will grow out of it! ignore them! those boys are not your friends and you have plenty of friends that do care about you. It was at that point I finally realized my son actually did have a problem. He was very overweight and had no source of confidence. This was my fault as I should have caught onto it sooner but from that day I decided to look for a way to help my son lose the weight and gain his confidence.

How my son finally beat his weight problem

after many diets with my son and trying to help do more outdoor activities (not really worked) I finally came across the product that solved my son’s weight problem. I was talking to the friend about her son, who was 17 at the time and very athletic. I asked how he was in such great shape and she told me he was actually not always so fit. he too as a younger boy was very heavy. She came across a man called Shaun T and his workouts got her son doing them with her, and has been skinny ever since! I looked him up as soon as I got home and it seemed great and his workout videos looked very entertaining and had some great reviews. As I was looking at them all I finally found one that was suited for kids of a young age. Shaun T’s fit kid club I quickly ordered and a week later got my son interested in trying it. It’s pretty modern and is actually very fun to do (unlike most workout videos). The videos actually have a serious of kids and Shawn T dancing to music. Making it a very fun active workout routine without actually feeling like a boring workout ( gotta keep the kids entertained or they lose focus fast haha). I have been doing the videos pretty much 3 times a week with my son and my son has once again become a lean healthy machine! Over the course of only, 6 months my son lost all of his weight, gained his confidence back, and loves being outside again. I owe it all to Shawn T. My son is now 15 years old and is still of a healthy weight(and more importantly ) has gained his once lost confidence back. I am so proud of my son and I am so happy that my boy is once again happy and healthy.

I believe everyone with a child that is overweight or even has a lack of confidence, should try this dance routine workout. It’s actually very cheap and believes me is very helpful. My son has actually become quite the dancer…. least that’s what I hear from his friends who continue to ask how he learned moves haha. He refuses to tell them to this day but I felt I would tell everyone my son’s inspirational story.