Lower Back Pain Right Side – Causes, Treatments, Cures

Lower Back Pain Right Side

lower back pain right side It is pretty common for some people to confront lower back pain. At least 95% of people in the United States suffer from lower back pain right side or left. Both of these often come from an everyday problem. Some of us who undergo lower back pain on the left side frequently point it to the incorrect disorders and as a result, do not take care of it the right way. There are many different METHODS people can try to figure out what’s causing the pain, but it also rests on on what kind of pain you’re facing.
Lower Back Pain Right Side
Most of the time, the problems we have with lower back pain is not because of an issue with the spinal column whatsoever. There is actually a massive nerve in our back, called the sciatic nerve; it is a cause to many different difficulties we may have gone through. The sciatic nerve can often become pinched and can cause an instant, intense discomfort on the left side of the lower back pain right side only. Often when this nerve is pinched it will also emit through the back and even down the legs.
Massage treatment, is a great way to mend this problem. In order to conquer a pinched nerve it is also vital that you rest frequently.

Treatments for lower back pain right side

-Acupuncture (if needles don’t freak you out) Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into your skin at specific points all over the body. It originated in China and has grown immensely in the United States. It is known to balance the flow of energy through meridians in your body. lower back pain left side The stimulation is believed to boost the activity of the body’s natural painkillers and generate more blood flow. When completed the right way, it is supposed to be an effective therapy for back pain. It can help reduce chronic back pain.

-Acupressure-pressure is applied to many points on the body. When these points are fueled near the original source of pain, they help immensely in relief of that pain. There are supposedly many different points for acupressure that work to relieve back pain, and aren’t even anywhere near the back.
-The right kind of pillow- there are many back pain relief pillow products on the market. These can make a world of difference on how your back feels.

-Specific pain relief medication- medications such as Heal-n-Soothe, or just simply ibuprofen, can help with lower back pain left side.

-Inversion therapy- Made to reverse the destruction gravity has done to your back. Inversion tables are effective. They’re specifically made to decompress the spine, taking pressure off the nerves and increase the blood flow- furthering healing.

lower back pain right side and left Stretching exercises

-Hot patches/heating pads- Such as the Icey hot patches sold at most supermarkets and drug stores. Or ThermaCare heat wraps for lower back and hip area. The warm temperature that is emitted by heating pads calms sore muscles and increase the flow of blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the spot for better relief.

-Creams-such as rub on relief, Bengay Cold Therapy, or Topricin Pain Relief Cream. Topical medications such are great for lower back pain left side relief. These are made to be put on right over the sore spot for fast relief. The best types of creams have an ingredient called capsaicin, a hot ingredient that is taken from chili peppers.

-Ice packs- most effective during the first 48 hours when the pain arrives. It helps to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. We recommend using an icepack such as the McDavid Large Ice Pack Wrap, or the McDavid Back Thermal Wrap; both high quality and effective. Southern Enterprises also sells an amazing cooling pad called the Furniture Coolerest Sleep Pad that fits right over your bed, pillow cases, and sheets. Amazing product!

Another serious problem that can be the cause of lower back pain left side is kidney stones. Usually kidney stones will generate pain about six to eight inches above the pants line on your hips. It is difficult to be able to stretch out the pain when you have a kidney stone. It is necessary that you knock back plenty of water. Drink a lot of organic lemon juice to disband the stones.

It is time to call a doctor to figure out if it is kidney stones if:
-you’re vomiting
-you have a fever and the chills
-your urine smells bad and looks cloudy
-there is a burning feeling when you urinate
-there is blood in your urine