How to get rid of chapped lips treatment- and how can you cure it?

chapped lips treatment

chapped lips treatment

how to get rid of chapped lips think of the lips like little sponges. When moisturized, they absorb water and plump up. When dehydrated, they dry out and shrink. Because lips are always exposed, it is easy for them to become dehydrated, especially in the winter months. The skin on the lips thinner than the skin anywhere else on the body and it has no oil glands to act as a barrier and help protect them. why are my lips so dry Chapped lips can affect every type of person, no matter what age or race. They are usually very unattractive and most of the time very painful. home remedies for Chapped lips happen for many different reasons. They cause the lips to crack and separate into small cuts, dry out and start peeling. If chapped lips problem is more severe and lasting a long time then a doctor needs to be consulted. It could be because you have a vitamin deficiency, fungal infection or a reaction to an allergy. Chapped lips are also called “cheilitis.”
chapped lips treatment

chapped lips treatment – MAIN CAUSES

what causes chapped lips and how to heal chapped lips
– Drug usage. Reactions to any type of drug prescription you are using

-Weather. Cold weather can cause lips to dehydrate. Sunny weather can also cause damage and windy conditions can also dry out the lips.

-Licking the lips. Licking lips often cause saliva to evaporate on the lips, leaving them raw and cracked and drier than the were chapped lips remedy.

-Allergic Reaction. Many elements in lipstick, lip care products and toothpastes can cause allergic reactions in the lips

-Snoring. Believe it or not snoring during the night can dehydrate your lips

-Instrument playing. For some instruments, like clarinet or saxophone, lips are needed to create the sounds we want to hear. They may cause cracked and sore lips.

-Foods. Too much vitamin A and citrus fruits or cobalt from certain vitamin supplements can lead to peeling of the lips.

There are many products that can be used or even at home remedies that help in treating chapped lips. chapped lips treatment includes:

-Using lip products that are all natural. Balms that contain beeswax, Shea butter, and cocoa butter are healthy for your lips. severe chapped lips If you have sensitive skin, use camphor-based medicated lip balms rarely, they might irritate the lips. Instead, go for a camphor-free Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Treatment with Shea butter. But if you have nice insensitive skin, try Chap Stick Medicated lip balm with camphor and menthol.

-How To Treat Chapped Lips take a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking a lot of water. Water plumps the skin, leaving it nice and hydrated and smooth. It works just as good for cracked lips and dehydration of the lips.

-Avoid too much sugar and salt. Also, caffeine is bad for cracking lips as well.

-Dairy products are good for chapped lips as well as multivitamins.

-Cranberry seed oil. Rubbing this on cracking lips helps heal them

-Applying petroleum jelly, or Vaseline

-Applying Aloe Vera

-Cucumber. Rubbing slices of cucumber on lips before bedtime is helpful in the healing process

-Using a humidifier in room at night while sleeping hydrates the lips. Plugin in a humidifier (such as the favorite Bionaire Digital Cool Moisture Humidifier) can replace moisture in dry indoor air, keeping the lips hydrated.

-Oils such as coconut oil, tea tree, peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, lime oil, lemon oil, chamomile, rose oil and lavender oil

chapped lips treatment AND PREVENTION-

Although chapped lip treatments like the ones above are very useful, wouldn’t it be nice just not to have chapped lips all together? Preventing chapped lips is easy, just remember these tips:

-Eat healthy. Eat foods with riboflavin and remember your green leafy vegetables. Stat away from the greasy foods

-Remember foods high in vitamin-B complex, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

-An obvious one, drink plenty of water. Eight to ten glasses a day.

Remember! Don’t rip the skin on chapped lips. It causes soreness and bleeding. Do not rub them with a toothbrush or a nail file. Exfoliate them gently and regularly to get rid of the dead skin. Lip defoliators slough off dead skin. If you have sensitive skin or your lips are severely chapped or cracked, do not exfoliate more than once weekly. Use Vaseline regularly.