Health Benefits of Prunes

Health Benefits of Prunes

What are prunes good for you and prunes health benefits Prunes are the dried form of plum, and are packed with nutrients. They are considered as one of the richest source for antioxidants. You can either eat them as a dried fruit, or you can add it to cakes, puddings, and fruit mince pies. Apart from adding more flavors to your dishes, it also provides the essential nutrients needed for your body. Here you can find some of the health benefits of prunes.

Health Benefits of Prunes

Health Benefits Of Prunes:Promotes Healthy Digestive System

A glass of prune juice a day can prevent constipation. It acts as a laxative and softens the stool. This is done with the help of diphenyl isatin present in them. Almost 0.1 gram of fiber is present in half a cup of prune juice. This is more than enough for a healthy digestion process. However, prunes contain more fiber compared to prune juice.
Some chemical compounds present in prunes are found to be effective in multiplication of cells in the stomach, thereby preventing colon cancer.

Health Benefits Of Prunes:Slows Down Aging Process

The cells in the body age faster when they are exposed to UV rays, smoke, and pollution. This can be prevented by consuming foods containing antioxidants. Prunes are rich in antioxidants and can help your body to slow down the process. Prunes have a top position in the Oxygen Radical Absorbency Scale (ORAC).
When the oxidation process takes place in the cells, free radicals are released. These radicals, if not removed can cause serious damage to the cells of your body. It will eventually result in premature aging. But, the antioxidants in prunes and prune juice prevent this by neutralizing the free radicals.
Vitamin A has been proven to be very effective in slowing down the aging process. Prunes are rich in this nutrient, which promotes the production of collagen in the body. The increased amount of collagen in the skin prevents the appearance of wrinkles. They are also rich in copper, which is a natural anti-aging nutrient.

health benefits of prunes:Treatment for Anemia

Another major health benefits of prunes is its ability to prevent anemia. A decrease in the level of hemoglobin in blood can cause anemia. The reduction of hemoglobin level is mainly due to the deficiency of iron which is necessary for its production. It can cause many serious health consequences including anemia. Like many other dried fruits, prunes are also a good source of iron which can be used as a natural remedy for treating anemia.

Prunes and Diabetes

Prunes contain soluble fiber which is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system. Apart from that, they also delay the absorption of glucose in the intestines, thereby preventing an increase in the level of blood sugar. It is also capable of making you more sensitive to insulin. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes effectively.

Prevents Weight Gain

The prevention of weight gain is another health benefit of prunes. If you eat prunes along with your meal, it will slow down the rate at which food is absorbed by the body. This way you will feel fuller for longer period of time. It will in turn prevent overeating and weight gain.