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When you take into account the amazing health benefits of mushrooms and onions, they are one of the most versatile foods you can ever find. You can eat them raw or cooked. Whichever way you eat them, it is packed with nutrients to benefit each and every system in your body. They belong to the class of fungi, and are available in different varieties. Also, remember that all mushrooms are not edible. Here is a list of the beneficial effects of edible mushrooms.
Health Benefits of Mushrooms

health benefits of mushrooms:Prevents Cancer

Mushrooms contain 2 main anti-carcinogens – beta-glucans and linoleic acid. The hormone, estrogen can cause breast cancer in post menopausal women. Linoleic acid inhibits the action of estrogen thereby preventing the development of cancer cells. Beta- glucans is very helpful in preventing prostate cancer. Another anti-carcinogen present in mushroom is Selenium, which also prevents the formation and growth of tumor cells. Thus, the daily intake of mushroom can reduce risk of cancers especially prostate and breast cancers.

Treats Diabetes

People with diabetes usually have a very restricted diet. health benefits of mushrooms pregnancy and There are only few foods they can eat without causing any rise in the blood sugar levels. Mushrooms do not contain fat, and will not increase your cholesterol level. They are also very low in carbohydrates and are very rich in proteins, minerals, fiber, and water, which make it ideal for people suffering from diabetes. Mushrooms are also packed with certain enzymes that enhance the breakdown of sugar. In people with diabetes, wound healing takes a very long time. The chemicals present in mushrooms can speed up the process and ensure faster wound healing.

Promotes Weight Loss The Many Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

When people try different diets in an attempt to reduce weight, they almost forget about the amazing health benefits of mushrooms weight loss Generally, vegetables and fruits are considered as natural methods to shed kilos. You should know that mushrooms also belong to this same category. With 0 grams of fat and 100 percent nutrients, you will not be able to find another food that can cause drastic weight reduction. and more health benefits of mushrooms during pregnancy

Nourishes your Immune System

You need an efficient immune system to fight against the nasty illnesses. The fact is that immunity does not come naturally. However, you can make your immune system strong by adding nutritious foods like mushrooms to your diet. Mushrooms contain antioxidants called ergothioneine, which is capable of destroying the free radicals and protecting your body from their harmful effects. They also act as antibiotics and wards off infections. The chemicals present in mushroom also prevent wounds or ulcers from getting infected. It is also rich in other nutrients which are necessary for a healthy immune system such as vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, and vitamin C.

Other Health Benefits of Mushrooms livestrong

Another important nutrient present in mushrooms is vitamin D. The mineral, calcium provides you with strong bones and prevents osteoporosis in the elderly. Regular intake of mushrooms can also prevent anemia. They are also rich in potassium which is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure. Copper present in mushrooms have antibacterial properties. If you are a vegetarian, mushrooms are the only source for selenium for you Mushroom health benefits.