Food Tips For Hiking & Camping


Planning to go outside for camping or hiking during your coming holidays? Whatever your plan may be, it’s necessary that you should take care of your diet and take all the essential nutrients to keep your body moving. It has been observed that most people overlook their diet plan while planning outdoor trip, which isn’t a good thing. With this in mind, we’ve put together some handy food tips for adventurers wanting to make the most of their outdoor trips.


Have a plan

When you are involved in activity-based excursions, you need more nutrients and minerals to keep your body functioning. If your adventure is of severe type, you should consider following points while making your outdoor diet plan:

  • What beverages and foods you will carry
  • Length of your outdoor adventure
  • How you will drink and eat
  • What utensils you will need
  • If carrying a Cooler is an option

Bringing a camping cooler can be helpful especially when you’re camping in hot areas. With so many available choices, finding the right camping cooler can be intimidating and time-sucking. So make sure you buy the best cooler for your money.

Foods for one day hiking trip

The foods you should consider packing include sandwiches, freeze-dried veggies and fruits, nut butter packs, Whole-grain tortillas, salmon, poultry, or anything you like. Always remember, the more you pack, the harder your hiking trip will be.

Foods for camping or multi-day adventure tours

It can be a little irritating to pack foods for multiple days. If you have a camping cooler, you will have more options. However, you can consider adding fish pouches, vegetable or fruit puree, packets of soy sauce & mayo, ready-to-eat cereal, marshmallows, rice mix, whole-grain pasta, dried soups, hot cereal, dehydrated foods, etc.

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