Elbow Cracking and How to Fix it

Elbow Cracking

Elbow Cracking

Do you have a constant issue with your elbow cracking? what is tennis elbow Almost everyone in the entire world has suffered from at least one cracking joint in their lifetime but did you know what exactly it is that makes your elbows crack? tennis elbow symptoms Is it the bone itself making the sound? Is it harmful? Is it painful? How do you stop it treating tennis elbow?
Elbow Cracking
To begin answering these questions golfers elbow treatment, NO. It is not the bones that crack, but the joints. There is a protective fluid that cushions most of the joints in our bodies and learn how to treat tennis elbow. Inside the capsule that guards bones attached with a joint is a fluid, called synovial fluid, that maintains the cartilage, muscles, and tissues keeping them lubricated and nourished. Synovial fluid contains many nutrients as well as gasses like oxygen, inner elbow pain nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. When you bend the joint, the joint capsule stretches. In order for the stretch to make more room, gasses flow out of the fluid. When you hear the crack or pop sound, it is known to be the gasses coming out of the solution very quickly, making it easier for the capsule to stretch a little further. X-raying the joint after the crack, you can see a gas bubble inside where the joint meets pain in elbow joint. There is no way you can crack the joint again until all gasses have dissolved back into the fluid.

In soft tissues how to cure tennis elbow, crepitus can be produced when gas is introduced into an area where it normally isn’t present. Mostly, the medical term crepitus describes the grating, crackling or popping sounds heard and felt under the skin and joints. The sound from crepitus can occur when two rougher places in the human body touch. In osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, the cartilage around the joints has eroded away and the joints grind together. Also when fracture surfaces of two broken bones rub together it is a common sign that it is crepitus. Crepitus is commonly associated with bone fracture.

Cure for tennis elbow Another reason for the elbow cracking could be the tendons and ligaments near the joint. Tendons are similar to rubber bands stretched over the joints to keep the muscles clung to bones. Tendons must cross over at least one joint to cause movement. When a joint moves, the tendon’s position changes. The tendon shifts to a different place, with a snap or pop as it returns to it’s original place. It is not uncommon for tendons and ligaments to slide out of their place at the joint, then immediately snap back into place.

Elbow cracking cause damage?

Does elbow cracking cause damage? exercises for tennis elbow There actually is not very much scientific data on that subject. There was a study that shows that constant elbow cracking may affect the soft tissue around the joint and the habit may cause joint swelling. A myth that is heard a lot about joint popping is that it causes arthritis, which is not true. It does not up your chances of developing elbow arthritis. Arthritic joints not only cause pain of golfers elbow exercises, they can creak as well. Connecting bones loose their smooth cartilage and have growths on their edges. The amount of synovial fluid doubles, making the joint stiff and sore. There is also a serious condition that may be the cause of some pain, it is called tennis elbow, which can also cause pain in the top part of the forearm on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow may also cause the elbow to become inflamed and swollen. Simple jobs like holding a glass, twisting a knob on a door, or shaking a a persons hand can cause pain. If you elbow cracks and there is a good amount of pain as you are attempting push ups, then this could be a major sign that you are suffering from tennis elbow. If you just disregard the pain, it will get worse over time and eventually you may need surgery.

Solutions to elbow cracking:

Joint Support Supplements – Such Flex Core, Animal Flex, Orange Triad, and Glucosamine. Taking joint support supplements can decrease on the crackling heard in all your joints.
Fish oil -Such as Cor-omega Omega-3 Fish Oil. Taking Omega-3 fish oils every day not only helps in weight loss and just overall health, it also does wonders on supporting joints
The sound of popping joints can be like nails on a chalk board to some people. In social situations, elbow cracking doesn’t sound to pleasant and may irritate others but as long as you don’t have any pain, your elbow is fine condition for the most part, then you shouldn’t stress.