Istituto Estetico Italiano, specialized aesthetic medicine center, presents the various options available after pregnancy, from breast augmentation to abdominal plastic surgery.

Giving birth to a child is a natural moment, exciting and important for every woman’s life, but it is also a period of profound and inevitable change for the body. In order to regain shape it is advisable to eat well and opt for a nutritious and healthy dietary regime, but also to stay in movement and do sports every day. However, this may not be enough to remodel your breasts, skin, and hips. Istituto Estetico Italiano offers a series of interventions after pregnancy from which one may choose, with a staff of medical specialists available to all neo-moms for offering consulting and advice.

Falling or emptied breast, excess skin on the abdomen, but also stretch marks or scars, are just some of the problems that IEI can solve, reshaping the body with targeted treatments of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Many patients have turned to the institute for “fixing” small physical problems caused by pregnancy, for example, requiring breast augmentation for improving its appearance, or abdominal plastic surgery for repairing post-breeding blemishes, or even liposuction, which through the use of microcannulas remodels specific areas of the body in a prompt way. This latter type of operation may also be non-surgical (or adipocytolysis), or fulfilled by exploiting the action of some active principles which are injected into the subcutaneous uterus without being even minimally invasive. There are also cosmetic interventions on the vaginal intimate area for those who have experienced strong changes due to episiotomy.
The possible alternatives when talking about postpartum interventions are many and individual cases are evaluated depending on the situation and the problem that the patient asks to be able to solve in the weeks after childbirth: The medical team of Istituto Estetico Italiano is available to applicants for clarifications, advice and rates estimates of any kind.

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Care After Pregnancy – The Tips

After delivery, special attention to the baby is common, but it is important to remember that the mother also needs self-care and interventions after pregnancy. There’re many physical and psychological exhaustion in this period for example, nasty nights, anxiety, fear of not being a good mother, irritability like an endless PMS and a whole change in daily routine.


Care tips after pregnancy

Going out to head, visiting friends and family, shopping, going to the salon and getting dressed are examples of simple things that can help a lot at this stage of life. It is recommended to have postnatal consultation repeatedly during about six weeks after delivery to see if the uterus is already fully recovered and in perfect condition.

The food should keep the same care of the period of pregnancy for example, balanced diet based on many proteins. Do not start a strict diet right after pregnancy, because to breastfeed your baby, you need lots of calories.

Rest is also important, not carrying anything heavier than the baby. Back pain is common during or after pregnancy and so the pain does not get worse, try to support your back as you breastfeed your child and always maintain correct posture.

Exercises are fundamental after pregnancy and however simple it may be, to inhale slowly, letting the abdomen rise and exhale, pulling the muscles of the abdomen inward, collaborate a lot for your well-being.

This is just one of several exercises for new moms. It is also good to practice swimming, gymnastics or aerobics. You just need to talk to your physician first.

As for your skin, always try to moisturize it, to reduce the risk of the appearance of terrible stretch marks. And be calm, soon your life returns to normal in every way! The secret to living in harmony is to enjoy this moment, which is one of the best that only a woman can have, to be a mother!