Aesthetic and Dermatological Treatments that Replace Cosmetics

Medical Spa Modesto

The skincare routine can be seen by some people as that time of day to take care of yourself, but when your skin requires a very extensive ritual, full of products, step by step and without following the clean beauty trend, this moment does not always end up being so pleasant, since in modern times it is almost impossible to follow a ritual with more than 4 essential products.

Medical Spa Modesto

Thinking of offering practicality and enhanced results, we present the benefits of aesthetic dermatological laser treatments with SkinRenew Laser & Aesthetics, a Medical Spa Modesto to guarantee a beautiful and lush skin, in addition to providing a more sustainable skincare, following the clean beauty movement. Check out!

Skincare in the office

The beauty ritual doesn’t have to be complicated. And not always betting on hundreds of cosmetics is the best solution for your skin, it is already possible to find several dermatological and aesthetic treatments that replace some products and have technologies with better and longer lasting results.

One of the most modern and indicated is the Laser treatment. Considered less aggressive than the CO2 laser, the treatment is an advanced system that has the power of the new generation of the Thulium laser, non-ablative and ablative, to reproduce the effects and benefits of a BB Cream, due to its Makeup Technology, without the need for retouching for many months.

Developed to treat and restore skin rejuvenation, the procedure improves spots, acne marks, provides an impeccable glow effect and minimizes enlarged pores.

Indicated for those who have a busy day to day, want satisfactory results and a more practical skincare routine, the technology is a great option because it works directly in the desired areas and allows different procedures.

In practice, in a single session, the Laser treatment allows you to achieve immediate results, equivalent to those that are only perceived from an extensive and lengthy home care routine.