Acupuncture to Get Pregnant

Acupuncture to Get Pregnant

Among the thousands of novelties in the world of fertility we see every day, the newest indication from experts for the help of fertilization is fertility and pregnancy acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient culture and has been much sought after for many other medical specialties aimed at ending diseases and their symptoms.

Scientific studies point out that acupuncture to get pregnant has great functionality when done together with in vitro fertilization treatment, where the procedure also acts on the tranquility of the woman, acting on her emotional that will make all the difference to the treatment. Alongside the beneficial action in female psychological, acupuncture focuses on increasing blood flow in the pelvic region thus increasing the chances of a positive during in vitro fertilization treatment.

Studies have been carried out with women on fertility treatment, 70 women who went on the treatment followed by acupuncture, and 36 women were able to become pregnant. Another research with 70 women in the treatment of fertility without the accomplishment of the acupuncture, only 18 obtained their dreamed positive. Observing these facts has come to the conclusion of the beneficial action of acupuncture to get pregnant and how much its results are positive for the treatment.

How and when acupuncture should be started to get pregnant?

The beginning of the treatment of acupuncture to get pregnant should be started in partnership with the fertility treatment and also accompanied by the fertilization specialist. It is usually recommended to start the sessions at the time the hormonal injections are initiated, which are also part of the treatment and require 3 to 5 sessions in the whole treatment, two to three times a week to further increase the chances of the positive. Pregnancy acupuncture sessions increase the production of follicles, neurotransmitters and increase ovulation and blood flow in the pelvic region.