8 Natural Supplements for Depression and Anxiety


Are you stressed out? What kind of question is that? Everyone is and it’s the world we live in! Well, that is not necessarily true and we are going to prove that. Anxiety and Depression are a result of your thoughts and how much control you have over them. To help you fight them off, we are naming the best natural supplements for anxiety and depression. Make sure you check them out!

Green Tea


Green Tea has been always praised for its health benefits. It’s widely known for its weight loss property, yet we hardly knew it’s among the most effective natural supplements for anxiety and depression.

It has great nutritional significance, it helps to burn fats and fights off cancer thanks to antioxidants. The tea is also rich in L-theanine. This is an amino acid that stables heart rate and blood pressure, making green tea a natural cure for anxiety. The catch is, you will need to drink green tea a couple of times each day in order for this to work.

Lavender is known for its heavy smell and it’s among the best natural supplements for anxiety. Lavender helps you to feel less anxious in stressing conditions.  This is another reason why it’s so popular in essential oils. Its calming effect was no secret but like every remedy, you need to take caution.

This explains the fact why Lavender is among the most popular ingredients used to make bath bombs and spa products. While it offers a few cosmetic benefits, its ability to fight off anxiety and depression can’t be ignored. It has a non-drowsy relaxing sensation line nothing else.


Valerian Root

This is among the most effective supplements for anxiety and depression. It has been used to relieve stress for centuries. It also helps to fight off insomnia and  relax if you are facing anxiety. However, it is not advisable to mix the valerian root with alcohol. It can be real dangerous.

Due to the fact that Valerian Root doesn’t have a strong smell, it isn’t widely used as a tea. People mostly take it in pill form. Thanks to its sedative effects, it’s mostly taken before sleep, this clearly says that it’s not a day time solution for most. Still, it’s better than taking any pharmacy drugs.   



Chamomile Tea is yet another great entry in the name of natural supplements for depression and anxiety. It has been tested to a great degree. It is used as a natural cure without any severe side effects.

Chamomile is also mostly taken in pill form. It is known for its digestion issues and helping with insomnia. Considering everything, this is a safe and effective choice for relieving stress.


Passion Flower

This name is very exciting itself, it’s a natural cure for fighting off anxiety and stress.  It’s ideal for people who suffer from nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. It is known for its calming effects. This is a native of Peru and has its influence all over the world.

This is known for its calming effect and hence it’s best to use in evening and see how it affects you.



who would have thought sunlight will make its way in best supplements for anxiety and depression. It’s no surprise that being close to the nature helps you relieve stress. Being under the sun helps to fight off the signs of depression and anxiety, Just a 15 minute walk under the sun will do fine. According to studies, a good 20 minute walk in nature can help you fight of all the stress.  Therefore, if you are stuck in urban areas, you need to look out for parks.


Daily Workout

The importance of a daily workout routine can’t be stressed enough. Working out not only makes you feel better about yourself but it releases endorphins. It increases your body heat and improve the neural circuits controlling your cognitive function and mood. This as a whole improves your mood which relaxes you and fights off anxiety. It may not be a supplement, but it’s among the best natural cure for depression and anxiety. All this asks is a strong will!


Think It Through

This is better than taking every supplements for depression and anxiety. You never realize how many negative or worrying thoughts you have each day. The truth is, we don’t even care about this. The situation gets even worse when you realize the fact that we are not even aware of the fact how grim affects these thoughts can have.

It’s until you stop to write these thoughts down, you start to see their negative impact.  We hardly have time we for this because one time we are a positive being and the second we are negative heap.  

Try to make a journal and start writing down when you feel negative, it will help you make sense of it. You will see the pages filled with negative thoughts, fears and worries. Once you make sense of it, you will notice these were the cause of your misery. A human mind has over 60,000 thoughts a day and 95% of them are the same in previous and following days. So take note of what you think and resist it.


Improve Your Daily Diet

Avoiding a problem is always better than searching for its cure. This holds true for anxiety and depression. There are many root causes for them, while you can’t get rid of them all, there are a few that you have control over, like your diet.

You can search for natural supplements for depression and anxiety, but it will be a lot better if you just first focus on avoiding foods that cause you stress. Speaking of which, following are few food you should restrict in your diet.


Caffeine: Its mainly found in tea, coffee and fizzy drinks

Refine White Flour: Use Whole grains instead

Sugar (High Fructose Syrup): You can use honey, and maple syrup instead

Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Oils:  You should try Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grape seed Oil and Organic Olive Oil in your diet instead

MSG: This Flavor enhancer is better known as Monosodium Glutamate, replace it with Celtic Sea Salt or Mineral rich lite salt