Signs that your baby is allergic to bananas

baby is allergic to bananas

baby is allergic to bananas: Food allergy means that your child’s immune system is hypersensitive to a protein in a specific food. If your baby is allergic to bananas, your body will attack food when it contacts your digestive system, sending white blood cells to defend the body and killing the allergen. For your child, this […]

Symptoms of banana allergy

Symptoms of banana allergy

Symptoms of banana allergy usually develop immediately after eating the fruit. Physical effects may include mouth and gastrointestinal disorders, or may rapidly worsen an anaphylactic shock that can be fatal. Ignoring food allergies can worsen existing problems with asthma or eczema. Diagnosing allergies will help patients avoid inappropriate food and discomfort and the risk of […]

13 foods prohibited if you suffer from gas during pregnancy

gas during pregnancy

It is one of those unpleasant symptoms, we will speak bluntly: we are talking about belching, farting and bloating and flatulence. And it always happens at the most inopportune moments. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable when you experience more than normal gas production. Everything is due to the increase of the hormone called progesterone, […]

8 hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnancy and its treatment

hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnancy

Treatment of hemorrhoids while you are pregnant. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins, ie they become inflamed, in the lower part of the anus, and can be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the rectum. Generally, they do not cause pain, but they tend to bleed. On the other hand, the external ones feel like […]

Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

What you need to know about gestational diabetes. This complication of pregnancy is more common than you think. Find out who is at risk for it, how it is detected and what can be treated. For years physicians believed that gestational diabetes affected 3-5% of all pregnancies, but new, more rigorous diagnostic criteria have put […]

Pregnancy Weeks What to Expect in Each Week?

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are critical to your baby’s development, so it’s very important that you abstain from bad habits (like smoking, drinking and using drugs, this includes drugs of all kinds), and assuming a lifestyle Healthy with good eating habits and regular exercise for pregnant women. Although technically you are not pregnant […]

Night Terrors in Young Children

Night terrors in young children

Night terrors are mysterious and unexplained disorders that take place when your child is in a deep sleep but without dreams. You will know that you are experiencing them if you suddenly start to moan, cry, shake or run out of bed. There is a possibility that your eyes are open and you are awake, […]

First Week Of Pregnancy 8 Symptoms Of Getting Pregnant

First Week Of Pregnancy

For most women, the first week of pregnancy is supremely exciting and disconcerting. Many begin to calculate their pregnancy with anxiety, week by week, hardly make the decision to conceive. During the first week of pregnancy, and afterward, you will experience the joy of creating life, and that is a life-changing event! This guide week […]

Successfully Browsing Via The Fat burning Minefield

Fat burning Minefield

Fat burning Minefield: Any individual that has tried to drop weight might have found it tough specifically when beginning for the first time. However do not stress, this is really expected and also is generally the instance for any individual new to the fat burning process. That’s why it is necessary you understand that to […]

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